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Dec. 1, 2020

The Matamoros Cult

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Unlike other cults, the Matamoros Cult was never in the mainstream; it didn’t amass thousands of followers nor was it a subject of controversy in its heyday. In fact, it was even trusted by the elite and high society of Mexico City, all of whom were...

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The Matamoros Cult

[00:00:00] Hi, my name is Josh shells, host of the let's start a cult podcast. The only podcast that calls its audience Fred. That's right. I did a Twitter poll a few weeks ago to find out what I should call my audience. And you wonderful people chose Fred, not floral. Just Fred. Welcome Fred. Now with that out of the way, let me introduce to you my guest this week.

They are both hosts of the wonderful, terrible people, doing terrible things, podcast, a podcast that discusses and dissects the terrible people throughout history and presents it in a hilarious and thought provoking conversation from mother Teresa to Henry Ford. They've got you covered with the best of the worst in humanity.

Please. Welcome to the family, Amanda and Laura, how are you guys doing today? We're doing good. Hi. I am also well. Now, there are a lot of terrible people currently. And in, in history, who is, who's the person you can't wait to do an episode on. Um, I want to do John Wayne Gacy because somebody did mention us dressing up like clowns [00:01:00] and we both liked to do cosplay and stuff.

So I think that would be a fun one. And it'll be a fun episode. We record the video for the episodes. How about you, Amanda? Oh, gosh. I want to cover something kind of from my home state, there was this woman that I think almost had like a baby farm kind of situation where she was, and then murdering the kids.

So I was like, Oh, good job, Tennessee. I heard about that actually. Yeah. Was it a long time ago? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. She like, she did it for like the money she got from, uh, getting social security for the kids or whatever. Interesting. Lovely, lovely woman. Well, that is definitely on brand with your podcast, very on sticking on brand.

Uh, I wanted to have you guys on for this episode because I've chose a occult with pretty terrible people and they do pretty terrible things. So I figured it was perfect for you guys because on today's episode, we will be focusing on the [00:02:00] Matamoros called. An organization that consisted of Mexico's most powerful drug cartels.

Okay. I think I've heard of summit in a desperate bid for protection and security. Its members turn to the devil and black magic murdering mutilating and sacrificing humans. So you've heard of the Matamoros called before. Just a little bit, because I, I think I've also been looking up like satanic ritual, abuse, killings, you know, for other people to cover and everything.

So I think I kinda glanced at one of those and I was like, Ooh, are they still operating? Cause I don't want to be murdered by them, but you are a safe, don't worry. They're uh, spoilers. They're not around anymore. Well, that's good. At least I haven't heard of this one before, so this is a new one for me.

Perfect. It'll be an interesting tale for you then. So we'll start with the leaders of this. Colton. Explain a little bit more about their background on November 1st, 1962, a 15 year old immigrant woman named Dalea Aurora [00:03:00] Gonzales gave birth to a baby boy. Um, she christened Adolfo, which is very close to eight off.

And I'm not sure if that's a foreshadowing or just poor parenting, but I mean, it's looking at what words talking about. I think it's, it's probably foreshadowing a little bit of both. I think. She had originally come to the United States from Cuba to seek a better life once settled in Miami, Florida though, she found nothing but a sea of endless boyfriends and husbands.

So that's a that's Florida for you. Can't say disagree after her first husband Adolfo's biological father had died. Dalea moved with her young son to San Juan, Puerto Rico. And married another man shortly afterward, the couple had a child together. And by all accounts, the blended family was living an idyllic life.

They were Catholic with Adolfo, even serving as an alter boy during mass. However, he was also made to accompany Deleah during her frequent trips to nearby Haiti where the mother, son duo immersed themselves in Haitian. [00:04:00] Voto a folk religion that combined beliefs with Roman Catholicism with the traditional religion of West Africa.

So quite a mix up. I wasn't sure if there was going to be some illusion to

the capitalism and the saints, how a lot of those are included in Haitian voodoo practice. That could be how it's pronounced, but it's PR it's spelled. D O D O U. So I don't know. It may be actually, Ooh, that sounds like the predecessor to food too. Like, it sounds like it could be like the darker cousin of just like, like way worse.

Even food is already like, kind of like steeped in like dark mystery and, and stuff, but for it to have like a French accent sounds. Yeah. Were there French colonies in Haiti? There are. Yeah, actually. Yeah. Yeah. Haiti is very French. So that's possible. [00:05:00] Followers of Haitian Voto voodoo or voodoo, whatever we're calling it.

Mainly worship that it was a collection of data, these whom they believed as intermediaries between the human world and the Supreme creator bondae and I'm going to pronounce a lot of these words wrong. So I apologize to anyone in there, literally like half of our content, we've done that so many times it's going to be most of this episode.

I apologize. In one of their most important ceremonies that are called to possess a certain individual through a frenzied ritual consisting of drumming singing and dancing fruit, and the blood of sacrificed animals were also offered to these days in a bid to Curry favor with Bondi, this exposure to Haitian voodoo.

Cause the young adults though, to develop a lifelong interest in folk, religion of a similar kind after his stepfather passed away in 1972, the family returned to Miami where Deleah remarried again, husband number three, however, was a drug dealer and a follower of the religion called Palo mamby. Also referred [00:06:00] to as Los regalias de Congo.

Hello, Miami Bay originated among central Africans who were enslaved and forced to work in the fields of Cuba. They believe that all objects particularly sticks were infused with the powers of the  spirits, whose power was outranked only by the Supreme being the zombie kind of similar. Okay. Yeah. I guess it's still very spiritual, supernatural, interesting powers from like a higher being.

Exactly. Yeah. Central to the Palo Mayan Bay religion was the Nirvana and a Gaina I'm going to put your alive, like I said, I'm telling you, we do that constantly. So then the Ghana was a collagen, either made of iron or clay and was believed to be inhabited by the spirits of the dead human skeletal remains were placed inside by the religions practitioners who were also referred to as pallor Rose, along with other elements from nature, all of which were said to entice the spirits of the deceased to come into the Nagana.

[00:07:00] Shamans, is it like a shamonic it's you sound kind of like tied into like earth magic kind of stuff. But I think it's probably just like a different, there's so many different like iterations of, you know, faiths and everything like that. That could just be like location-based they could also probably be referred to like, Pretty similarly to shamans.

And I think Sharman does come up here somewhere. I'm just not sure where, but, uh, yeah, it's, it's definitely all along those lines. All you have to do to entice the dead to your party is throw people in a pot, throw in some herbs and stuff. You got yourself, a nice soup mix for a good day. Human soup, the human side of it.

In an article entitled making an Agana begetting, a God materiality and belief in the Afro-Cuban religion of Palo Monte. What a title, the nigga is the dead man's materialization is new body, so to speak. And it allows them to regain some of the [00:08:00] attributes specific to life such as growth needs, desires, and pleasures, because it has a shape.

The spirit embodied in the cauldron enables the Palo to physically enact, interact with it, to talk with it, to touch it, to feed it, et cetera, which makes religious experience in Palo Bay, extremely rich on a sensory level. In the minds of the people following this religion, they're like, they're essentially bringing them back the dead in there.

I mean, it does sound like it's a resurrection kind of ritual. Yeah. It's very much so. And, and I don't know if it's more like a, like a zombie thing or if it's just like a spirits, it sounds more like spirits, to be honest. Yeah. Not like quite necromancer level, but like just the level below. Just one step below necromancer.

So necrophilia. No, Amanda, we've talked about this. We've talked about the necrophilia, some contemporary practitioners of Paulo, [00:09:00] Miami Bay make use of animal bones in lieu of human ones. However, There are still those who yearn to remain true to the religious roots, digging up the remains of the dead in order to fully communicate with spirits.

The practice was so widespread in Cuba that the government was forced to introduce a law that punished grave robbers and grave desecrators with a 30 year imprisonment. So ridiculous. It's a steep in present and meant for, for a grave rubbing. Dang. Yeah. Well, I mean, I guess if all you're graveyards are getting like torn up, torn up, that's probably pretty traumatizing for the local community.

It's kind of funny that you can get. More jail time for ruining a grave of someone who's already dead rather than killing someone getting 25. Oh yeah. Because like manslaughter,

involuntary manslaughter and stuff like that. Not here. I know what you may be thinking. You may be thinking like, well, that's Cuba. Like no first world country would do that. And. [00:10:00] That's where you'd be wrong because the grizzly tradition continues to this day. And according to the Miami Herald grave robbers at three cemeteries in South Florida in 2018 had been committed by followers of Palo ma'am Bay.

So I guess, yeah, the statement still stands. I don't know if you can call Florida first world country, but.

I gotta lose all my Florida listeners. What is the quote from RD rockets? The penis of the United States, basically. I mean, it looks like a tear, so they know what they did. Yeah. They know, by the time he reached his teens, Adolfo was actively participating in Palo Miami Bay. Even going so far as to become an apprentice to a local sourcer, how we found the sourcer or was there like an ad in the newspaper for apprentices?

No, he definitely has a business card that says sourcer, ours, just a local homeless man. Probably it probably is. [00:11:00] He's like, look, I can do magic. Watch, watch me. Take some of this and he'll see magic take these bath salts. Yeah, here's some, payoti have a great time. So he and his mother also engaged in a series of crime sprees with multiple arrests for minor offenses, such as theft, vandalism, and shoplifting.

The con stanzas weren't well liked by their neighbors in Miami, who often complained to the authorities of dead animals being left at their doorstep. Every time they confronted the family deleted was even arrested by local authorities. After she was reported for harboring over 27 animals in their apartment.

When the police arrived, they described the smaller residents to be smeared with blood and feces, creating a smell that was impossible to forget. Well, that's lovely. So I guess they're hoarding animals, not only for the ratios shit on their neighbors. And so you have a go train to command to just go shit on your neighbor.

They just had to keep getting more animals because they kept getting [00:12:00] more complaints, blood and feces, you know, tends to, to make a very potent smell. It's not often looked over by others. I can't, I can't say for, from firsthand experience, but, uh, I can imagine it wouldn't be, wouldn't be great. Probably similar to smell to the port-a-potties down in Florida.

Oh. Sitting was cooking. It's probably some blood in those too. Now I'm going to have to look up porta-potty murders. So thank you for that. Porta-potty debts. Hey, there you go. After graduating from high school, Adolfo moved to Mexico city in 1984. Where he befriended Martin when Tana George Montay and Omar Aria to make money.

The four men launched a business that capitalized on Adolfo's time as a Sorcerer's apprentice, they sold magic spells. They claimed would bring good fortune to the customers. These were cast using rituals that involved sacrificing a wide range of animals from chickens and [00:13:00] goats to the more exotic animals like zebras and lion Cubs.

That's a good, that's a better question. We should. Derail this whole episode to find out why they got the zebras there, come upon a zebra. Like I understand that apparently lions and tigers are everywhere and Florida. And is it Oklahoma where tiger came in or something? Yes, that was Oklahoma, but I bet they just painted horses to look like zebras and then sacrifice those.

I mean, that's definitely the cheaper way of acquiring zebras. Much cheaper. Yeah. They were grifting hard grifting. This business proved to be a lucrative venture, thanks to Mexico city's residents. And it wasn't long before the partners began attracting as different sort of clientele. Rich drug dealers, Hitman and the elite of the, of Mexican society, all of whom were enthralled by Adolfo's magic and on spiring displays, he was even introduced to the city's high ranking government authorities and powerful narcotics [00:14:00] cartels cementing his role as the enigmatic, mystic of Mexico.

That was so many difficult words write together well in the, the alliteration, the mystic. Yeah. I can't say I can't, I'm not gonna, you know what, I'm not going to try it like a fortune teller or something like that. So when you said Sorcerer's apprentice, I really couldn't help, but laugh because that stupid movie of sorts are going to print us.

And that's just what it made me think of this guy, like in a basement with the brooms it, a magic broom dancing around. Yeah. So I think it's kind of telling like he's meeting high ranking government officials. So that just kind of shows how, I don't know if you'd say corrupt, Mexican governments were back in the eighties.

For sure. I don't know about now. I'm not going to speculate, but definitely back then they were a little bit corrupt and, uh, yeah, just shows you how, like how magic and that kind of stuff is ingrained in Mexican society, which is kinda, kinda neat. In that [00:15:00] culture for sure. But it is interesting that he's like getting introduced to like government officials and then maybe even in the same situation, like, and here's this high ranking drug Lord, right?

You've got all of these people in the same room. They're brothers like the high ranking government official and the narcotics cartel. They're all brothers, they're all in the same

dealer. Their biggest customers though, were Mexico. City's biggest drug cartels who often came to Adolfo before smuggling runs, or every time they had to engage in a turf war with another group, they would ask for his blessing and protection wholeheartedly believing in his mystic powers and connection to the spiritual realm.

So that's kind of cool. I just got to promise cartel members that you're gonna protect them. Whatever I'll do it. It's like being somebody's Oracle. You're like, yeah, you're going to do great in this war. And then like half your party dies. And they're like, well, you know, the spirits be funny. Sometimes [00:16:00] I have to get really good at like coming up with what your readings are so that when shit like that happens, they can't hold you accountable.

Cause all you said was. Some of you will live. Yeah. It's like horoscopes. Like they're just real vague. Yeah. Super main fortune cookie. But Hey, I mean, do you have enough people believing? It doesn't really matter if it's real or not. It's true. That's very true. And in fact, the more people that you get to believe you, the more true it becomes to them because they're like, Oh, well, all these other people believe it.

So obviously he's credible. Exactly. Surrounded by dead cats and fakes. In an article published in the Los Angeles times, quote, Costanzo practices magic in Mexican high society, winning adherents with his ceremonies to drain away evil. And he took his religion born in the Congo and changed it to meet his own needs, including offering its protective spells to drug dealers.

So is that a news article?

Okay. Yeah, it's [00:17:00] just funny, like mentioning the drug cartels. Look at the goodies. Doing for Mexican society. Adolfo was openly bisexual and had an endless stream of lovers, both male and female alike. They were all recruited to join his mystical organization. And before long, they were referring to Adolfo as Al Padrino or the godfather, which I think this might be a big controversy, but I think this version of the godfather would be.

Maybe better than the original, you know? Oh my gosh. Yeah. Magic net. Romancey yeah, this would be a great version of the Gus. It should be a predecessor with the godfather. Yeah, exactly. They should remake that now for the 21st century. And that's the story. We'll do it. We'll make it I'm down. So among these followers was this college student named Sarah Eldoret and she's got like wild name.

So Sarah Maria Eldoret Villar reel was born in 1964 to a middle-class family in Matamoros, [00:18:00] Mexico, the town of situated near the country's border with the United States, which meant it was easy for Sarah to attend high school and later university in Brownsville, Texas at the Texas Southmost college, Sarah was known as an intelligent and athletic girl.

She was a straight A's student who was also part of the school's cheerleading team, a tall brunette with an athletic build. She studied physical education with an intention of transferring to a larger university to earn a teaching certificate in the subject. Well liked and high regarded by her peers.

Sarah seemed to be on her way to a comfortable and satisfying life. But underneath this veneer, perfection was a deep fascination with the occult and the Mexican drug trade. I'm picturing like, you know, cause she's cheerleader, I'm picturing like Kim possible theme. And like, it was her saying like cheerleading practice by four and dangerous drug smuggling by five.

Hey, everybody's got to have their hobbies, right? Yeah. Well, that's true. That's true. One of Sarah's former classmates, [00:19:00] Antonio  said, quote, she sat in my anthropology class all semester, an a student always present, always friendly. I never saw her wear an emblem and the ambulance, a talisman or any sign of black magic.

And I am trained to watch for such things. Never heard her ask a weird question. Even when we talked about weird religion, unquote, I'm not sure what he means by he was trained to watch for such things, because that seems like a weird thing. Sure. Train. Which source, what agency is he affiliated with? Yeah, it's that training entail?

What, which one of the houses is he with? Is he a Harry Potter lore? Sounds like a Raven clot to me.

She lived a double life, a great a college student by day and a witch by night. Every evening, Sarah would go home to her middle-class neighborhood in Matamoros, where she would kneel before a blood splattered alter that she had directed in her bedroom before turning in for [00:20:00] bed. There is no way in hell I could have had something like that in my room.

Good God. Also, where did the blood come from? Yeah, post black, you got smeared in your room, the stains, the carpets. She's probably half witch and she's got like a prime rib steak that she's used for the blood or something. It's not even like a real animal or of that, or alter every night, close enough Brown beef.

She's got on the altar ground. This interest in the occult and in the drug trade was deepened even more. When Sarah began to date Leo Hernandez, Riviera. The uncle of one of her classmates surfing Hernandez, Garcia, and one of the region's top drug runners, the two men Serafin and Eleo were part of the Hernandez clan, a large family who had made their fortune smuggling tons of marijuana across the border.

So weird to date your friends, don't date, your friends, uncles. Don't do [00:21:00] that. The uncle is always the creepy one. Like in stories you go to a barbecue, a family, barbecue, and you know, the uncle is the, is the weirdo. Yeah. Could probably do an episode on this guy alone. I would imagine he's a pretty, pretty awful guy, which we'll get into according to the United press international, their operations stretched from Mexico to Michigan, a massive sprawling drug empire headed by Elio's older brother, Saul Hernandez, Riviera.

So a lot of, a lot of names were thrown around, but basically. She's dating the brother of the head of a drug cartel in Mexico when Saul Hernandez was assassinated in 1987, though Leo emerged as a clan's new leader, which meant that Sarah became even more entrenched in the illegal drug trade. She was exposed to his vast network of cartel bosses, gangsters, Hitman, as well as clairvoyance from Mexico city.

As the head of the Hernandez drug cartel, Leo often found himself in difficult and messy situations because yeah, you're the head of a drug cartel. I don't know you. [00:22:00] Wow. Messy situation like murdering people. Cause like to a messy situation to me is like a traffic ticket. What is a, uh, a messy situation for a drug cartel?

So maybe that's his messy situation because he's used to the killing and stuff like that. He's like, Oh, this is normal, but I hate doing my laundry. I getting the blood out of it. I don't know the tricks. What does it vinegar or something you use? I don't know. Cold water, cold water, something like that.

Does anything truly remove blood? No, just time. I think, I don't know. Or, or fire or fire? Yes. Yes. Very true. Whenever he found himself in messy situations, he turned to Adolfo, not just solace, but also supernatural help and guidance. It wasn't long before the rest of his family followed suit falling under the sway of Adolfo, whom they idolized and venerated.

He became their unofficial spiritual leader, performing frequent animal sacrifices that he claimed were part of a ritual that ensured their safety and the [00:23:00] smooth flow of their opera. Well, and he's helping the stray overpopulation situation in Mexico, I guess. I mean, I guess. Damn what a way to go at it.

Yeah. The optimistic way to look at it. I was going to like, maybe they're not starving to death. Maybe he's giving him a good home and feeding them, honey sacrificial.

No, on that one. Yeah. He's just painting a bunch of horses to look like zebras and slaughtering them is what we've decided. This, this organization is not run by PETA

animals, maybe. Oh God, no. Come to find out. That's how Peter keeps going. It's ritual magic. That's why they get mad at the rest of us for killing animals. They need them all to protect themselves sacrifices. Also, it's really easy [00:24:00] to sell a product that you can't see. It seems really easy to just be like, this is going to make your luck really good.

And in reality, they're just doing well because they're killing the most. He's like, none of that was all me, all me and my sorcery. You're welcome. Yeah, not you're well-established drug trade it's it was me. No, nothing else. Later, the Chicago Tribune would report that quote Constanza apparently told others that the sacrifices would act as a magical shield, protecting their operations from police and bullets.

So he's just making wild claims. I cast in vulnerability basically. Yeah. I cast shield and it's like, no, that's not. Sorry. LARPing is not an actual thing. Instead of a card, it's a dead animal cast, vulnerability, dead cat throws a chicken, Adam, how they activate their shields too. It's just like dead animal.

Shit that animal [00:25:00] money, dead animal. And the promise of the lifelong success and security was enticing with this guarantee. Adolfo was able to wrap the Hernandez drug cartel around his finger and Adolfo his followers were all fanatics, but none more so than Sarah who was later said to be the most zealous and the most mysterious of the mall.

Some say that she and Adolfo were involved romantically, but this wasn't confirmed and you know, pot probably it's probable, I would say. So it's an AP and open relationship that they all have could be. It could very well be. You never know what happens behind closed doors or open doors. True. For others though.

She was just as bloodthirsty and as evil as he was. If not more, Sarah's really painted in a great light. I mean, she went from like cheerleader drunk cartel was in which potentially what's better though. I trust her. Yeah. That's that's the suspicious [00:26:00] cheerleader. How do you have that much energy and be happy on the times for taking the cheerleader?

You're hiding something underneath there. I know it. Sarah was only 24 years old when she entered Adolfo's cult, but she quickly established herself as one of the organization's leaders. She was christened LA madrina or the godmother and her relationship with Leo combined with her loyalty to Adolfo led to the ladder, taking over as the head of the Hernandez clan.

That'd be a good, pretty cool to the godfather of this movie franchise. We're trying to build out, I guess. Yeah. We're just spit balling ideas. Just some ideas we could pitch to Netflix later on. Take anything. That's true. I heard about cuties and I'm not on board with that. Adolfo and his followers set up their base at Rancho Santa Elena, which was situated less than a mile from the border.

It was owned by the Hernandez family, which meant that their activities were free from prying eyes of the neighbors and the local authorities. Before [00:27:00] moving to Rancho, Santa Elena Adolfo had used old bones dug up from graves. However, he claimed that the spiritual protection offered by his rituals and the Nigano cauldron would be greater with live human sacrifices.

So I think you can see where this is going. You couldn't, you didn't get enough from the grave robbing you. Couldn't, that's not enough bones for you. You need more bones and they have to be fresh bones. Like you gotta kill. Damn lazy for all these people to beat it, like meat in the freezer for a while it gets freezer burn.

You want, you want that fresh meat? So he's got to go get it. The Hernandez clan members saw no reason to doubt their high priest and set to work abducting, the rivals in the drug trade and corrupt cops who had reneged on their agreements with the cartel. So the cops are no longer corrupt, corrupt, and then they were like, nevermind, we're not going to help you.

And so now they're dead. Just cause they [00:28:00] reneged on their deal does not mean that they are no longer for 'em because that just means they're being corrupted. Something. Yeah. They could just be working for another cartel. Sure percent. I don't see many of them just being like, Oh no, I'm too. I realized the wrongs I've done now I'm changed.

So they brought these people back to the ranch where they were brutally tortured and slain. Adolfo would boil their remains in his Ghana, creating a foul concoction that his followers would then drink. They would drink this shit. What a wild, why would you the phone? Does that have some of the same healing properties as all the phone broth bullshit.

I'm seeing everywhere. I haven't heard of that. You are on Facebook. I have not seen it. I know it's in the stores. It's in my grocery stores where it's like Japan and beef bone broth. And it's like, it's amazing. I don't know what, but something cold. It's all the old wives, tale stuff. [00:29:00] Chicken  has been taken over by having witches.

And now they're just. New conspiracy theory to add to. So they're drinking this, this broth of, of people juice and bones. They do. So in the belief that it would make them invisible and Bulletproof, which I think is ridiculous. We're back, we're back to the Bulletproof shit. Like the two things you can easily miss prove to.

Yeah. And they're picking them. That's what I'm saying. One, some of the people in their cartel have to have been shot, right? Like they have to, since he's been on, on the payroll as their shield provider, somebody has gotten shot. So what's the excuse for, you know, well, and do you need both? I give your invisible, they can't see you to shoot you.

And if the whole thing. Thing is that you just don't want to get shot. You don't need to be invisible. Are you in visible to your comrades? Because, uh, we can see. Yeah. That's exactly what I was gonna, [00:30:00] yeah, they can, you can see them. Well. How do you think you're invisible to other people? I don't understand that because if you're invisible and someone else's invisible, you can see each other.

It's everyone else that can't see. That's how it works. I see magic. I forgot about that. You're not invisible to anybody, but your enemies. There's a lot of ways to sell. Spin that like in a way that like, Oh no, no, you won't be able to see that you're invisible. Only other people can, but not the people here, other people, everyone else can.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's wild that, uh, that they think this, but, uh, uh, so some of them, even fashion necklaces and the ambulance from the bones and vertebrates of their victims wearing these whenever going on, drug runs. Was like a good luck charm, I guess, like a rabbit's foot or something. Here's the enemy because they're covered.

That's what I'm saying. That's intimidating

and be like, you know what? Put my gun down. I give up, go ahead and shoot. [00:31:00] I'm just going to go now. Like you can, you can have the money. All of this, all of this shit right here. Doesn't matter. I'll see you later. Yep. Actually, no, just never. Don't don't follow me. I'm going past Michigan out of your range. So please don't come after me.

Go into Canada. I think I got here. I'm running from the cartel. Leo was christened as the organization's execution or priest. So Leo would marry to Sarah, just to clear that up. He's also sound like character and like, um, world of Warcraft, like execution or priest, or what do they call those? Priests classes ruins basic language shows what a nerd.

I am. I just started going through the races instead of actually giving you the word you were looking for chest and arms were branded with marks that Adolfo claimed were sacred. And this title was well-deserved because according to Texas [00:32:00] monthly quote, Eleo sent three of his men out to grab the first person they could find who happened to be a 14 year old boy looking for his loss goat.

They threw a gunnysack over the boy's head and took them to Leo who promptly decapitated the boy with a machete, never bothering to look at his face. After the headless body flopped across the floor Eleo was struck by something familiar. It was the boys gray and green football Jersey that was familiar to them.

And terror flooded Elio's dark eyes as he reached for the gunny sack, as he had just executed his own nephew. Oh yeah. She probably killed his damn goat too, but he was looking for they sacrifice study that look don't even look, Holy crap. That's karma is not for that kid. That's not karma for that kid.

Obviously. That's karma. No. Well, it depends which football team he was cheering for. Seriously. How do you, how do you go to your sister after that and be like, so what had happened was, I don't [00:33:00] know if they ever told the sister they was kind of a secret. I think he went missing. He's gone found your goat though.

Count your coat. Well, that's the important part. Yeah, exactly.

But it all flows thirst for blood remained unsated by the drug dealers and dirty cops that they were sacrificing in early March, 1989. He, once again, claim that the supernatural protection, the Hernandez clam had been enjoying until Ben could be made even stronger. If an Anglo male, a typical gringo. Was to be sacrificed.

I don't know what gringo means as a Canadian. What does that mean? Is it just kind of slang for white man it's slang for, for, well, for people who aren't native natives of the area. So it's just like anybody who doesn't like know anything or doesn't speak Spanish or Portuguese or wherever the area is.

That's just a slang. It sounds cool. Gringo, not in this sentence. They're hunting gringos [00:34:00] now.

Uh, Mark James Kilroy of Santa Fe, Texas was exactly the gringo they were looking for. Mark was a college student at the university of Texas in Austin, where he was studying to become a doctor on March 10th, 1989. Mark traveled with three of his friends, bill Huddleson, Bradley Moore and Brent Martin to South Padre Island located on the coastal tip of Texas.

The group plan to spend their days at the beach and their nights partying at one of the many nightclubs in town, a typical spring break vacation for any college student during the next few days, Mark and his friends hit up practically every bar that could find the wee hours of March 14th, saw them on yet another drinking binge in the red light district of the Bordertown Matamoros accompanied by other intoxicated university students.

In revelers this time they had selected a spot called Los sombreros, which had the shortest line compared to the other nightclubs. However, this particular bar wasn't frequented for a reason, just a few months before in [00:35:00] July, 1988. The son of the owner of another nightclub had been involved in a shootout at the club with a man known as El Dubby Doobie at something like that.

I like Debbie, one of the most fearsome members of the Hernandez and his name's Debbie,

Debbie nickname for like a rubber that's true.

Or somebody camp, um, pronounced Dhabi's name from Harry Potter. W my job, Oh, I hope he's still alive at about two in the morning. The boys were all drunk and ready to call it a night. But when bill returned from her leaving himself, he was surprised to find the inebriated, Brent and Bradley unaccompanied by Mark.

Where did Mark go? Now we're pleasant, according to a dissertation right later written by Victor Gomez, quote, Huddleston remembered seeing a [00:36:00] man described as short with a bushy mustache and a fresh rounds type scar on his left cheek motioning towards Mark, but he did not think much of it. He believed it was someone who Kilroy had met while bar hopping after Huddleston returned.

Mark Kilroy had mysteriously vanished, although Mark's companions do not recall exactly what happened that night. It appears that the four of them were too intoxicated to recall making it easy to take advantage of them. A bunch of drugs, white guys on the town for a good recipe for a good thing. I don't know.

I don't know because I haven't studied it in a, I'm also not a man, but I don't know if guys look after one another quite to the same extent that women do when they're out drinking. Absolutely not. No. I know somebody who went to a, another country and partied too much and was on a work thing. And the rest of the people lost him.

He lost his phone and he was gone for the whole night in an Asian country. Unintended, no guys don't look out for each other. [00:37:00] Is that the social Darwinism or something, or people just letting kind of the, like certain people in the group as men, we're not as worried about, you know, Being raped or kidnapped.

So those are two main things that are, why women look out for each other. So it is like a more, you know, you can handle yourself. Yeah. Like you don't, there's not the same feeling of like, need to like, because of like, if I lose sight of Amanda at a bar, like I worry. And as you should, you, should I fall down and I get, yes.

Yeah, I know. I know we've, we've had many experiences, but no, it's just a thing they ingrained in us from birth, which is not great commentary on men, towards women, I guess is the moral of that story. I mean, not at all, man. Not at all. It just, yeah. The lower 10%. That makes a bad name for everyone.

[00:38:00] Not those ones. The guys on Tinder. Yeah. Yeah. No. Any dating site. Oh, I could give you a stories for match where I met my husband. He was one of the good ones that didn't try to solicit things. So, yeah, I had quite a few on OkCupid, which is also where I met my husband. I didn't realize that her husband's on websites efforts to locate Mark or his body were led by his parents, Jim and Helen.

Along with a slew of government authorities, including the United States customs agent or on NEC Cameron County, sheriff, Lieutenant George Garavito and Juan Benitez, Ellia the head of the Mexican federal judicial police. Man man. Oh my God. These names are so long. Just make them shorter, please. You're giving yourself some real tough sentence.

The rest of the world. Like I get it. You're you're a cop. You think you're [00:39:00] important? Just use a shorter name please. So the search lasted for weeks aided by extensive reports from national media, Jim and Helen Kilroy offered 15,000 reward for any information that would lead to their son's. Whereabouts.

Despite the sizable for some only hoaxes and false tips came in as the search dried up agent, neck and sheriff, Lieutenant George DeVito came under fire from their superiors who wanted the two men to return to their former positions rather than focus all their efforts on the disappearance of Mark Kilroy.

The publicity generated by the case, as well as the lack of leads and the breakthroughs was ruining the reputation and image of local law enforcement agencies, which is why both were made to drop the search because what's more important finding the person that's missing are your reputation. Yeah.

Reputation of course, mostly five star Yelp reviews guys. Exactly. Yeah. Just when all hope seemed to be lost, [00:40:00] though. One of Adolfo's cultists made a crucial mistake, Serafin, who is his nephew, and Sarah's old classmate ran through a routine roadblock on the afternoon of April 9th, 1989. Perhaps in a belief that the concoction he had been drinking made him Bulletproof and invisible to the authorities.

Does it make the card visible? No. Is it like wonderful. I hope that there's just no one driving. I really want to see the person's face who thought they were invisible when they realized that they are not invisible or Bulletproof, you can see me and they're just baffled, baffled by the thought. How strongly that they think the cops have some special bullets that can somehow affect bullet people.

And I'm sure Adolfo has put that into their heads too, that there are other opposing forces because you know, no religion is good without an opposing force. Yeah. So zebra blood dipped bullets that can Pierce through invisible [00:41:00] invincibility, I guess. However, he was very much visible and accidentally led the authorities to Rancho Santa Elena, the center of the cartel, smuggling operations as surgeon sued, which turned up 30 kilos of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia, the American drug enforcement agencies and the federal alleys knew they hit the jackpot.

But for the superstitious Mexican cops, the ranch held secrets far more sinister than cannabis. So this guy is an idiot. He just led them all the way back to them. I thought he was going to get like pulled over and spill the beans. I didn't know. He literally just let them to the place. He still thinks he's in.

He's like, Oh, they can see me. So he's driving off and taking them there. Well, obviously they're using their Seabra blood dipped glasses. Oh yeah. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. It gives them 2020 site on invisible people. It's a known fact. It's such a weird belief. It's such a, it's such a physical belief to actually [00:42:00] believe that you are invisible.

It's such a physical belief that you have no, like. Reinforcement of you're just like, well, he said it, so, so it must be true. The police officers had spotted a storage shed that contained melted candles, cigarette butts, empty bottles, and several greasy cauldrons proof that the spot had been used to worship the devil.

Which I don't know if I would have drawn that direct conclusion, I would have been like, Oh, they must been partying or something like that. But they're like, it's must be the devil fast food restaurants are filled with Gracie cauldrons. They're not like worship places with the devil. So this is Wendy's American lawman actually laughed off their concerns, but the commandment one Ben Nita's was firmly on their side.

He ordered the investigation to be called off much to the distress of the Americans. Until a local folk healer could be found to cleanse the site. The minute, the minute has rich ritual concluded the search resumed. So they're [00:43:00] like, hold on. We got to get this place. Blessed by, by a showman man. It's pretty funny to me to like, because, so, so like the United States isn't heavily steeped in any kind of culture just by how old we are and everything.

So for like,

But for, for the belief to be so inundated into the politics, the police, the local government, like that's, that's deep. Deep belief for cops to call off an investigation because they feel superstitiously threatened is, is a pretty, pretty wild, pretty major. Yeah. Well, in that might peak to why, if the culture itself is that immersed in spirituality and the supernatural, then it would be natural for him to be able to convince so many [00:44:00] people that he is this practitioner of whatever the food.

The godfather necromancy, weird shit going on over here. Yeah. Tracy cold trends. Yeah. That's very true. It's it's already ingrained, so it's not much of a jump to go, Hey, I can do magic for you. Like it wouldn't be that unusual. It's it'd be like for us in America, having like the faith healings that people believe in and stuff you think about that in such a big subset of the population that.

Believes in that, or even modern day, like conspiracy theories, which is like leading to leaders who believe in these conspiracy theories to become empowered. So it's very much like it's the same thing. They're all, they're all just different kinds of calls. It's just history repeating itself over and over and over again.

You Anon you're here in Georgia now. No, we don't. Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I blocked that out of my memory [00:45:00] Al frickin. Now what she poses with and those photos, but it's ridiculous. How's Canada.

Yeah. It's okay. Beautiful. And it's great. I don't want us to just suddenly storm. They won't let us. Canada does not want us. I know I've been trying. I've been trying, but no one who looked up to me and my husband just moved to Manitoba. No one will even know there's there's tons of room there. No, you don't want to live there, but sorry, Manitoba.

It's like, not that part of Canada. So one of the ranch caretakers came forward and identified Mark from the photograph that had been shown to him saying that he'd seen the boy handcuffed in the back of a suburban in the property's equipment yard. Meanwhile, in a Matamoros jail cell, Leo and Serafin who had been among the four suspects, arrested at the ranch, confessed to kidnapping, Mark and witnessing his ritual sacrifice.

[00:46:00] So Mark's dead pretty, pretty much. We knew that already, but it's confirmed. Yeah. I think as soon as anybody from this cult laid their hands on him, it was. Yeah. So according to Texas monthly Serafin told investigators that he had buried Mark and he led the way to Mark's grave, which was marked by a piece of wire sticking out of the ground.

On the other end of the wire had been attached to Mark's spinal column so that when his body decomposed. Members of the cult could pull up the vertebrae to make a necklace. So that's where the knee necklaces, like a little easy access string. They get, I'm mad that they came up with like a quick way to like, get the bones out

that level of like streamlined look out into the field. And it's just like a ton of wires sticking out of the ground.

I don't like that. So who was the person who had to tie the wire on doing some vertebrae? [00:47:00] Excuse me. That's their arts and crafts section of the, the weird shared with those probably Sarah cauldron cheerleaders with the winning data they're members, they do the laundry and she was kind of the, one of the second in command.

I think, I don't know if she was doing too much of the laundry, but, you know, feminism and all that when Mark's body was uncovered, commanded notice that his legs had been cut off above the knees and asked Serafin if that was part of the ritual. No, Sarah Finn said it just made them easier to Barre pretty straight to the point.

Yeah. But then I guess I just popped the legs in there on top of the rest of the body. Like I thought didn't, they have to like cook them or something. So now they're just, they just did. They just killed people. They just buried them in the ground and wait for their bones to come out. Yeah, they've gotten really efficient with this and they can boil it down.

Also. How would that make it easier? Like you can lie them flat and it would just be the same amount. Like, [00:48:00] I wouldn't be much harder. I know what I can't, I don't understand the logic is you burying them vertically. We didn't have to dig as deep I'm going. Why aren't you standing him up about this? Edit everything else.

No, this guy was the same more on that, led them all there. So he's not the brightest guy in the shed. Wow. I'm like standing straight up, then it proud, you know what? He probably was told one time that they had like, as a joke by one of the other cartel people to like, yeah, you have to bury people with, you know, their feet pointing down, standing up.

That's the only way that their souls can come up and sole time she'll get out or whatever. Yeah. So now he just does it every time. They just have around so they can play pranks on him. Dig really deep. Yeah. He has to paint the zebra. They, they tell them that's how they get their stripes. I kind of feel bad for this guy.

He's kind of an idiot.

[00:49:00] Yeah, not too bad. I guess I thought about it. Yeah. He killed a lot of people. Dumb, horrible person. No mercy. I have no mercy with Serafin and Elio in custody. The final pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Gradually the entire turn of events from Mark's disappearance to his eventual murder came to light.

So going back to the night of March 14th, 20 year old, Sarah Finn had been serving the rowdy spring-break crowd, trying to spot the Anglo male that Adolfo had bade him to bring back. For another ritual sacrifice. Sarah Finn had embraced the Palo my own Bay religion only a few months before in a bid to please his uncle.

However, he hadn't known that he would be tasked with kidnapping people so that they could be used as sacrifices to the gods. Still. He couldn't deny that it had brought a slew of good fortune that cartels marijuana smuggling business had boomed while his grades at the law enforcement major at Texas Southmost college has skyrocketed.

So [00:50:00] this dude was going to be. He's accrediting his grades to ritual sacrifice. It's like, no, it's really gross, but my grades got really good. Yeah. On the marijuana sales probably would have just boomed. Anyway, this was like eighties and nineties. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's not the magic buddy. I'm sorry. I personally wonder what his grades were.

He's like, Oh, I got a C that's good for me. Like this guy. Yeah. He was failing, not failing anymore. And I shouldn't say this. What are law enforcement classes anyway, actually took some mostly fitness and fitness, I guess it depends on what you, what kind of law enforcement. Cause, I mean, I have like a. And associates in criminal justice, but it's supposedly just like law and stuff like that.

Not so it's like depends on if he was like at the beginning of the stages. He's just learning about [00:51:00] like, You know, although I don't know really why any of the places that are teaching this in the area would bother teaching law because it doesn't seem to matter. So, and he's already family with the cartel, so I don't see.

Yeah. The reason his grades went up was probably because his uncle like paid somebody and was like, look, I know he's stupid, but you know, he wants to be a dog police officers and just, you know, indulge him. He wants to be a corrupt cop. It's his dream basically. Yeah. And I guess technically being in college, learning law enforcement, you're not technically hired by a police force yet, so it's not quite as bad, but he's on the track being there.

And I could see him, anybody who's like studying law enforcement should be like, you know, corrupt or anything. I think that's part of the problem we already have. It's like, maybe we should reel that back a little and makes it here. It's a little stricter on the curriculum, but yeah, exactly. Yeah. [00:52:00] Due to these, uh, these good fortunes happening when Serafin eyes landed on the intoxicated Mark Kilroy, there was no hesitation to be had.

He successfully grabbed the university student and wrestled him into their pickup truck, approximately 12 hours after he'd been abducted. Mark finally came face to face with Adolfo. Adolfo and his followers wrap duct tape her over Mark's eyes and mouth before guiding him through a shed. It would've smelled putrid like rotting meat after the many human sacrifices that had already been carried out before him, which by this point from the apartment in Florida, Alfa was probably just used to this by now.

And this is just is to the smell he rebels in this. Maybe even better if there's no face on there anymore, you know, it just smells like blood dead. Decomposing bodies. I know that I'm not sure which smells worse, decomposing, flesh, or feces. They kind of smell the same and we'll do a Twitter poll. What do you think

[00:53:00] as with all others who had lost their life at the hand of Adolfo and his loyal followers? Mark was cruelly, slain. His body parts were left to boil in the Ghana, the broth consumed by the cultists who wholeheartedly believed that they were being made indestructable by the remains of the young American.

So how many years have they been doing this to gain and visibility and. Well, it proofness now and somehow Hatton determined that this isn't work. That circle sounds a little too small for me. It's like, we just recently did like, you know, heaven's gate and stuff like that. Co-leaders are pretty good at getting people to believe.

The shit that they're, that they're selling. Unfortunately they tend to be like very charismatic. And then if you already have this, I'm surprised one of them wasn't drunk one night and wasn't like, Hey, let's shoot each other. And see if this works. Like, I'm just very surprised, probably not Bulletproof, if you're shot by [00:54:00] one of your own, it's only against enemies.

There are so many caveats that you can put on, on any kind of like. Invisible force that you're promising to give. And he's like, Oh, well it doesn't work in that scenario. I'm sorry. Exactly. Just like how American voting only works when certain people win,

then it's not only correct. Outcome is a certain person, certain giant orange potato being reelected to the president. WRA he'll run again in 2024. I will not comment. It's okay. We can, Hernandez Garcia was made to dig up the land in the ranch for hours. He worked under the hot sun and at gunpoint by mid-afternoon.

He had uncovered over a dozen corpses, all of whom bore the cults brutal mutilation. So this is after everything's happened. They made him dig up the. Just, just him, just him. So like the authorities are making him dig it up and [00:55:00] gunpoint. Yeah. The authorities are making him take up all of that. They're like, well, you're buried a bunch of people now you're going to dig them up.

Now he's going to dig his friggin seven foot holes. Well, they're probably also heckling him for how he buried him too. If he did do it, Theda. This would be way easier if you dug them verdict or horizontally. It's interesting to me that the guy who only started like a couple months ago is the one who's being forced at gunpoint to dig up all the bodies from this morbid religion.

This guy gets all the shit.

The news caused a frenzy, especially in the towns surrounding Matamoros. The majority of which. Contained families are two who were still desperately searching for answers of missing peoples. They crowded around the ranch and the funeral home trying to identify their loved ones, amid the sea of mangled bodies.

Many of them had traveled hundreds of miles coming from their mountain villages and far-flung communities bolstered by the hope of justice and more importantly closure. Among the identified bodies was that a [00:56:00] 14 year old Jose Louise and Louise Garcia who advantaged on February 25th, just a few weeks before Mark Kilroy had disappeared.

Unlike Mark though, Jose Louise did not come from a well-off family, which is why no search parties and press conferences were held on his behalf. His parents couldn't even afford to buy a body bag for him to be buried in. His sister said to reporters, he had no head. She had been the one to identify the body, which had been decapitated, which was also missing its lungs and brains.

She then said it was chopped off on the side, but I knew it was him by the shirt he was wearing. It was gray and green, his favorite football shirt. Um, so yeah, so this is the nephew of the guy of the, uh, whatever his stupid name was. Leo. I was trying to think of his nickname also. So they're, they're eating, they're consuming human brains, ah, or at least removing them.

Yeah. Well that adds like a whole nother layer of how this crazy may have. Cause we, we have learned that, [00:57:00] you know, eating the human brain special protein kind of puts holes in your brain. So it makes sense, but it also makes you invisible. So I don't know. I guess if there's holes in your brain, you wouldn't think you were invisible.

Maybe that's why this guy was an idiot. Yeah. He just, he hadn't learned object permanence. He could just cover his eyes and he's like Memphis, if I can't see, no one else can see exactly. That's like toddler logic. The young boys, parents is a Darrow and Eric hada, we're far from enrage though. According to Texas monthly, they seemed relieved.

And even at peace, even going so far as to thank Mark and his family, Eric kata Garcia said if it weren't for the Kilroy boy, none of the other men, including my son would have ever been found. She said to a reporter from the Brownsville Herald. Which is not the take I would, I would be so pissed. Gotta be mad.

Unfortunately. I mean, if he's been missing for like a long time, a lot of times just not knowing is way, way worse than, you know, just [00:58:00] imagining what they could be currently. They could be alive, could be suffering, you know? So I imagine it's just a relief to have any kind of answer, even if it's not. And they're thinking, Mark, they're not thinking like the people who murdered, right?

Yeah. I guess that's true. True. Which happens to be there. Some sort of cousin or uncle or something like that. So yeah. He killed his knee and the sister's poor and like, it just seems very, yeah, yeah, yeah. Clearly they didn't communicate with that part of the family very much. And maybe the baby of the family did so because of this reason, probably they're fine.

We don't want to have anything to do with you. You're fricking eating people's bones and stuff. You don't like it. Well, you know, of course it took a white boy to happen. Oh yeah. With this. Well, because his parents had money to expend to make it, make it. Yeah. Yeah. Because before they were just, yeah.

Targeting poor villagers or. Corrupt cops, which in [00:59:00] Mexico, I don't know if corrupt cops going missing. No, I doubt anybody cared. They were just like, huh? Dave didn't show up for work. Yeah. I don't think it's uncommon for Mexican boys and girls to go missing and they do nothing about it. It's almost something that's just an accepted a lot.

Actually. There've been many instances of girls. It's the girls. Yeah, I can't think of the last girl. The girls. Yeah. I'd say it's, um, I think it's a border city. Isn't it? It's a border say with like, um, it's just a lot of girls went missing and it was many, many, many years before anything was ever like brought to light about it.

Yeah. Hmm. It happens a lot. That's terrible. Make the Mexican border like the Canadian border much. Nice. No much, much less a smuggling, I guess. I don't know. No guns. That's it just no guns, no Mexican gun laws, I guess. That's true. Yeah. I don't know. I've never been to the Canadian border. I don't know. I [01:00:00] know.

I don't know enough about the border. I know everyone's always bitching about it and. Wants to reinforce it with walls and floors? No, not the Canadian border. They don't want to put a bottle on the Canadian. No, I know, but I don't know. I thought that there was a joke. There was a South park about Canada putting up a border to keep Americans out.

Once I liked it. That is a joke that we make. Yes. Hey, fair joke. And we'll make America pay for it because that's how it works. Yeah, that sounds, yeah. That's how it's supposed to work. Well, all this is happening. The manhunt was still underway for Adolfo and the rest of his followers who had managed to escape in the race because they were, or because they took their sweet ass time.

Checking the premises with this shaman. Yeah, well, they only had the one guy at gun point. Meanwhile, they're just all scrambling getting their shit together and like heading out on their zebra zebras. They also invisible because they drank it too. [01:01:00] Exactly. Everyone's invisible. Okay. So in an abandoned, safe house and covered some of Sarah's clothes, which led authorities to mistakenly believed that she had also been a victim of the cults vicious rituals.

None of them could have ever imagined she was actually it's perpetrator. And one of the most zealous Aderants adherence, they never discover female serial killers and stuff. Cause they like, Oh, well that couldn't have done that. That sex is in the other way. Like just like a woman can do that. Like they're not capable of such things.

Yeah. Dumb. It is dumb. Women are horrible, just as horrible as everyone else. Just the 10%, the bottom of the barrel equally as bad as the men are. I just, I say, you know, humans are bad in general. Sure. We've just been taught to do it. And this backhanded passive aggressive instead of the violence. Three [01:02:00] weeks after the discovery of the bodies at the ranch, local authorities were able to track down the remaining cult members surrounding the building, where they were hiding.

Adolfo became enraged, firing his machine gun and throwing bundles of money out the window. Like the godfather,

the story is writing itself. So is he trying to like say, okay, I'm going to either kill you or take all this money and leave. Like, is he just trying both at the same time, like in bore, he's got holes in his brain from eating other people's brains and he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Realizing that all hope was lost.

He ordered one of his followers, the cartel member named Elle Dubby to sacrifice him in his lover. Martin Quintana Rodriguez to their gods. After moment's hesitation, LW compile, complied and fired the machine gun instantly killing the two men minutes later, law enforcement stormed the room and the surviving members of the matter Aros cult.

[01:03:00] Including Sarah Eldoret surrendered, the reign of bloody say tannic terror was finally over the locals, considered the ranch to be a bastion of black magic. The very place where the devil dwelled on a Sunday afternoon, law enforcement slipped inside the property and headed to the shed. Accompanied by a shaman salt was sprinkled on the floor and  were mumbled and the sign of the cross was made.

Ben gasoline was poured all over the shed and it was burned to the ground. Erasing the tangible remanence of the mat. Tomorrow's call it for good. As you said, the only way to get rid of blood fire higher. Yeah. I just, it's funny to me that they went in there and sprinkled salt first and then they were like, Hmm.

All right. Now, burn it down, burn it all. All of it. Get rid of it. Like why even bless it first. Just burn it. I'm not a religious person, so I'm not sure what the, uh, I couldn't, I couldn't, I guess what I want. I've [01:04:00] always wondered what happens if you get the wrong. Oh, then the devil just pops up or the ground.

I don't think I could be a spirit. Like a faith healer or any, a shaman or a witch, because I'd be summoning the wrong shit. Cause I can't even get my words out directly half the time, especially cause like all incantations and stuff are often in play, freaking Latin and shit. It's like, I don't know how to pronounce that.

There's no chance of getting that right. I'll be someone like a Papa John's delivery or something instead. Like, I mean, I'd be okay with that, but it's your state farm agent like your extended warranty in conclusion, the Matt tomorrow's called has been a source of fascination for many years. Thanks in part to how their activities blended together.

Folk mysticism, superstition, and drugs. Mexico has always been associated with the intersection between Christianity and the ancient indigenous religions. Which give birth to practices that involve magic spells, ambulance [01:05:00] potions, and shamans in this country. Magic is alive, which is also means that the line between the human realm and the devil is often perceived to be blurred.

And even non-exempt, these beliefs were even more widespread in Mexico during the eighties. And it was common to see strings of garlic and pepper, as well as white candles, adorned in office spaces, residential areas, and even public places. These were items that were used to ward off evil, something that nearly everyone in the country was interested in from peasants to celebrities and even to the gangsters who belong to the nation's most fearsome drug cartels.

Perhaps, this is the reason why the Hernandez clan fell underneath the spell of the high priestess, Adolfo Penn stanza. They were willing to do whatever it took to keep their business operating and their family members alive. Even if it meant mutilating and sacrificing the innocent humans to seal the deals with the devil.

And that's all. So thoughts, questions, comments, concerns. Same one. I really, I'd never heard of that, uh, that particular Colt, but it it's very interesting. Just [01:06:00] how deeply ingrained into like the whole area. It was, it's not just, you know, a lot of times it's just a cult of just, you know, 500 people or whatever who believes something, but for it to be an entire areas, it's a lot of reach kind of baffling.

Yeah. Oh, and like I'd heard of Mark Kilroy. So I think that's how I'd heard of this cult is from seeing some article about him or his disappearance, but I hadn't dug deep into the story or anything, but I don't know. It's, it's interesting to me, like you were saying how the members of the Colt are so.

Loyal to each other and so supportive. I don't know if they were supportive, how they're Serafin. Yeah. The guy having to dig all the holes and bury everybody, but like how they can have this kind of weird sense of loyalty and family and moral code kind of within themselves. And then just. Go around murdering people [01:07:00] in the name of religion.

Like still lack of regard for human life, but only certain human life because you know anybody that's in your village and no, you're cool. Everybody else sucks. And that's like a bit of like the propaganda, right? Like it, same thing with war. Like any war you go fight against another country. It's the same thing.

You paint them as the bad guy. And you're okay with that morally, even though a lot of people who go to war are good people. But they just get convinced that, that person's trying to kill you and your family. So go kill them first. So it's the same idea, which is our weakness as a species, I guess. So, and this is why it'll happen again and again and again.

Well, and we follow authority too much in some situations and has led to terrible things. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Yay. I don't know what the happy ending is to this, but, but, uh, they were caught just a good thing there. They're not [01:08:00] around anymore. I mean, there's Mexican cartels still, obviously, but. Oh, yeah.

Well, those families get closure. Yeah. With the Mexican cartels. I mean, until there's a huge societal shift and the police aren't corrupt anymore and the economy is stabilized and it was probably just all of these different things. No, that's a lot of return. It's sustained. It's something about it.

Sustaining their culture in their economy. Probably. Yeah. So that's the, uh, that's the Matamoros calls. I appreciate you guys listening to that. Uh, I'd like to thank again, Laura and Amanda for coming on. Once again, they're the terrible people doing terrible things. Podcasts. If you want to give a shout out, give some plugs, feel free.

Awesome. Terrible people doing terrible things, as Josh said, and we enjoy covering pretty much what it sounds like past people have done some bad things. So you'll get your serial killers. We talk about Colts a little bit. We covered mother Teresa for our first [01:09:00] episode. Um, kind of just all over the place.

Yeah. We don't really know what we want to cover everything. The mother Teresa Teresa episode was. It was a great first episode. That's a wild one to come out swinging with. I like that. So my mom said, yes, she was like your mother Theresa for your first, like we're going with mother Teresa. Dammit. It's like do it.

No, one's expecting it. Yeah. Hey. So, yeah, definitely go check them out. Uh, once again, they're terrible people doing terrible things, podcast, great podcast, and definitely give a give Laura and Amanda, you're listening. You're listening. You're listeners. You're listening. I can't your ears,

your subscription. So thanks for coming again, guys. Really interesting. Thank you so much. That was a lot of fun. All right. Well until next time, we'll see you guys later. Bye Fred. [01:10:00]