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Aug. 9, 2021

The Cult Of Podcasts Presents: Exercise Tiger

The Cult Of Podcasts Presents: Exercise Tiger

Thank you everyone for such a huge success in our first week! Keep the reviews and tweets coming, they help blow up our egos. For today's episode, we will be discussing Exercise Tiger, a WWII training exercise for D-Day that resulted in over 1000 deaths!

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[00:01:24] Bass notes. Did I use it properly? That's the main. It was chef's kiss my guy. Oh yes. Our other host is the king of puns himself. The man who is always leaving a dumbfounded. It's John, how's it going, man?

[00:01:37] John: Not feeling good after my last performance, but high

[00:01:40] Josh: that's. Okay. That's okay. Last week, last week we leave that in the past.

[00:01:45] I'm expecting pun after pun, this episode, it's a new day. My guy,

[00:01:49] John: sometimes you just don't perform as well as you want to, you know? Yeah.

[00:01:53] Josh: It's okay. It happens to all of us, you know, it's the best.

[00:01:58] It is our second, an official week of [00:02:00] content. And the response has been unreal guys, tons of reviews, tons of comments, tons of tweets, you know, loving the response. So keep them coming and we will keep the content coming. Keep

[00:02:12] John: it coming. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

[00:02:15] Josh: Cookie worthy. Oh God, no, no, no. Sean, we keep those two.

[00:02:19] Your episodes. My review today comes from yield crime who gave us a five star rating. Ooh, love it. They say, yeah. Oh, I love the five stars. I won't read anything other than that. So just keep that in mind people, they say, quote, I love all these guys from their various other projects. And I can already tell by the first episode that this is going to be in my top.

[00:02:41] I absolutely adore John. And then in brackets, it says my Boba buddy, and I can't wait to learn more about the other hosts and see what kind of insane stories these three plan to dig up from the bells of the interwebs. We are going to disappoint you more than you think. Um, but, uh, John might be your Boba buddy.

[00:02:59] We [00:03:00] will find something to bond over. You guys are

[00:03:02] John: just the side bitches, the other.

[00:03:04] Josh: Yeah, I know. Do you like fro yo you have friends or something that's fucking Canadian as hell poutine, poutine, hoppy, poutine, poppies, your tail buddies. That might be something else. Don't look that up. Sean can be brisket

[00:03:19] John: bay.

[00:03:22] Josh: Thank you for that lovely review you'll crime. If you want your reviews, Reddit on the show, please give us a rating and review on apple podcast or podcasts. And you too can be my fro yo friend or whatever we come up with. Um, it is time to insert a segue here. I couldn't think of one. So here, that's it beautiful?

[00:03:42] I'm sorry.

[00:03:43] John: We're still working out the kinks.

[00:03:45] Josh: All right. Under pressure. And, uh, that's, that's what it is, guys. I hate, I hate to break it to you. The content doesn't get better from here. For those of you who don't know what Reddit on Wiki is. We research things using Wikipedia, [00:04:00] Reddit, basically it, we don't have many sources.

[00:04:02] You can go check, but, uh, yeah, it's going to be poorly done, but it's going to be entertaining as fuck. So buckle in and just take everything we say with a grain of rice. Time for me to introduce today's topic. For those of you listening, you've probably saw the title already, but first Sean and John have either of you heard of the tragedy called exercise tiger.

[00:04:22] No, no. And what'd you like to guess on what exercise tiger is? And I gave you a hint in there. It said tragedy. So

[00:04:32] John: someone going to magic, Shroom ride and ride a tiger and they got fucked.

[00:04:37] Josh: Yes, that was in Florida, but this is not what that is. I was

[00:04:41] Sean: thinking like a demon

[00:04:42] Josh: inside of a tiger. Ooh. Okay. I like this.

[00:04:48] Yeah. He said exercise. So I was thinking Exorcist. Damn. I like Rashaun said that's uh, that's driven. I'm not John. No, I don't do the paranormal stuff. Hold on.

[00:04:58] John: Wait, did you say [00:05:00] exercise or exercise?

[00:05:01] Josh: Exercise? It sounds the same to me though. Like workout, you just add. So it's a

[00:05:06] John: workout

[00:05:10] fucking Billy Rose, like back of your head undertaker, shit

[00:05:12] Sean: exercise got a Tiger's head completely 360.

[00:05:17] Josh: That's what it was. Wow. So it's safe to assume that you guys are not sure what exercise tiger means. No, we were wrong.

[00:05:28] Sean: Sadly. You were

[00:05:29] Josh: sad. Um, I will read out the Wikipedia first paragraph for you guys.

[00:05:36] And, uh, we will see if it helps you guys understand what it is. So Wikipedia says, quote, exercise tire or operation tiger was one of a series of large-scale rehearsals for D day invasion of Normandy, which took place in April, 1944 on Slapton sands in Devin coordination and communication problems resulted in the friendly fire death during the [00:06:00] exercise.

[00:06:01] And an allied convoy positioning itself for the landing attack was attacked by IE boats of Nazi Germany's Craig's Marine resulting in the death of at least 749 American servicemen because of the impending invasion of Normandy. The incident was under the strictest secrecy at the time and was only nominally reported on afterwards and quote.

[00:06:20] So does that give you a little bit of a hint, but we're going go in Nazi, Germany, baby. Well, you keep bringing John back to

[00:06:27] Sean: Nazi Germany.

[00:06:29] Josh: When he tried to do to this man flashbacks and the Viola. I do talk about PTSD too. Uh, yeah. So sadly there is no John in the story now that I think about it, although there probably is, I just don't name Jones were there

[00:06:45] Sean: actual tigers, like John said, I'm kind of

[00:06:46] Josh: disappointed.

[00:06:47] There's that five years

[00:06:48] John: in this

[00:06:50] Josh: tiger. I'm gonna be honest. I don't know why it was called exercise tiger. Um, I hate to say that was just the codename for it. They were, it's weird. Now that I think about it, I did a lot of [00:07:00] research for this and I did not ever question it sadly. It's not Tony the tiger, but I will give you the setup for exercise tiger or operation tiger.

[00:07:09] So on August 17th, 1942, the allied Canadian forces attempted to land on the beaches. Over 130 kilometers away from the beaches of Normandy, that would be captured two years later. However, you know, since we don't hear about this beaches, often it's safe to say they did not manage to capture DF due to what's that.

[00:07:29] Oh, I thought you said something. Oh no, no. Was it a ghost? I was like the Jew, duh,

[00:07:36] John: maybe it's the possessed

[00:07:37] Josh: tiger. The exercise time he was coming back

[00:07:41] John: thinking

[00:07:41] Josh: we spoken to existence. I heard you talking to me. It's just a ghostly form of Tony. The tiger. Beat the shit. Terrifying. Tony's fucking swole, dude.

[00:07:53] Fuck you. I wasn't exercising tiger Dick. I'm not a

[00:07:58] John: furry. Okay. Just [00:08:00]

[00:08:00] Josh: not let's put it. That's the title for this

[00:08:03] Sean: episode? John

[00:08:04] Josh: is a furry Sean, definitely not a furry. Anyone who has to clarify that,

[00:08:15] um, due to poor communication, terrible planning of routes and not surveying the land and geography beforehand, the Canadians were absolutely handed their ass on a poutine platter. The tanks that managed to land on the beaches were rendered almost useless with the loose rock and sand, making them unable to move the dozen or so tanks that did manage to make it through the town were unable to overcome the German defenses and were quickly dispatched.

[00:08:39] With little to no air support or Naval support about a quarter of the soldiers that landed were killed and well over half were wounded or captured by the German forces, their defeat. Wasn't for nothing though, as it laid the groundwork from one of the most important days in world war. D-Day and I know what you're.

[00:08:55] Yeah, I know what you're saying. Wow. It's such an uplifting story, [00:09:00] but what does this have to do with tigers and exercising? Uh, the question we all have. Yes. And it actually has nothing to do with either of those things. Um, so, so that was that, that was a big, you know, big mistake cost quite a few lives.

[00:09:14] And then it was very sad for the Canadian army, but they took that and they prepared for. The next year, saw the allies preparing for an all-out offensive. They wanted to get their troops in quickly to relieve some of the pressure on the Soviet forces in the east, but they didn't want to make the same mistakes as yet.

[00:09:31] Now the Soviet forces, obviously they're, they're making their push on the Eastern front of, of the German forces and the allies wanted to hop in there, you know, help them out. Cause we were boys back in the day, you know, us and Dolan. I don't, uh, it feels wrong to say so they began scouting for a potential landing spot for their arms.

[00:09:51] Many coastal land was considered, including Norway, Italy, and Dunkirk. However, the Germans had already prepared for an attack at all these locations. And [00:10:00] so the allies eventually agreed on the beaches of Normandy just with its geography and like they had less German forces there. So it was probably the best chance they had to, to actually make a push and something I'd never thought of.

[00:10:11] But yeah, Norway was definitely captured by Germany. And I always forget that like the Nordic countries just never come to mind. I feel like Germany caught

[00:10:19] John: everybody.

[00:10:21] Josh: Everybody in central Europe, mainland Europe almost got on mall,

[00:10:26] John: small of a country. Germany is and had so much fricking firepower.

[00:10:31] Josh: Yeah.

[00:10:32] They're determined people. They want to be. It's scary. Not in a good way either. So let's clarify that before I get clipped out of context too late, Josh it's already happened. God damn it. I'm canceled. Yeah. Okay, he's back. I'm back. Uh, let's clap. Let's give it this time. It's broke my

[00:10:56] John: broke my heart. Last week,

[00:10:58] Josh: we're building you back up.

[00:10:59] Like [00:11:00] we have to break you down before we can build you better than ever. Fuck on my, like a million dollar man or some shit like that. Humpty Dumpty. With the location selected. And the allies began sending in recon planes to assess the geography, fortification, and terrain of the beaches. They wanted to avoid their tanks being rendered useless by the sand and find weak points in the German army.

[00:11:22] Along the coast, the recom planes would take hundreds of pictures of the beach while the sea was at high tide, low tide and everywhere in between this allowed researchers and scientists to determine the grading of the sand and plan the best time of it. Now you're probably wondering how did they assess the beaches condition from the air?

[00:11:39] Because it was pretty impossible to tell what kind of sand it is down there, especially with the photography back in the day. Um, and you're right. Cause it was impossible. So on new year's Eve, 1943 slash 44 major Logan Scott boat it and Sergeant Bruce Ogden Smith boarded a boat that brought them off the shore of gold beach and had to swim about a quarter of mile.[00:12:00]

[00:12:00] So could you imagine like dead of night, it's new year's Eve and they're like you two have to go to show her and get sand because we need to know if we can land here. Oh, by the way, there's an entire German force. Just over that hill. Don't don't get. Like it would be very, very stressful. Can we just

[00:12:20] John: say some people just have like the perfect name for the perfect occupation like that guy's name was boated and he was tasked to go to a boat.

[00:12:29] Come on now. It's this shit just shit just writes itself.

[00:12:33] Josh: He definitely has the most American name, I think. Yeah. And he, uh, was perfect for the job because he accomplished it after they were done. They made the quarter mile swim back to the. Which is just insane. If you think about it, like what the equipment they had to bring and you're swimming against the tide.

[00:12:49] Right. So you're really having to push. Crazy. So kudos to those do, uh, and they brought the sand back safe and sound. It was analyzed and discovered to be the perfect [00:13:00] sand for the tanks to maneuver on all of this analysis. And recon was not enough for the Americans because nothing ever is. There's my one shot today.

[00:13:08] My one shot one episode. Yeah. One an episode. Nice. I'll use that. That was it. But it was fair enough, you know, the entire free world rested on them getting this operation. Correct. So the Sandra. Yeah, the sand, the sand, right? They want, they want to capture the beaches. Otherwise they're like, it's kind of not looking good at that point, if they don't.

[00:13:28] So in the mid 1943, they began searching for somewhere that they could run training missions for their troops, the idea being that they wanted their men to experience what real war was like before they got there, basically giving them pre P PTSD before giving them actual PTSD. Right? The training grounds they settled on were some beaches, just south of Devin, England called slapped insane.

[00:13:49] Which is such a great name. I love slapped slapped, and just them slapping the bay, the beaches. Yeah, the geography and composition of the beach being very similar to Utah [00:14:00] beach where the Americans would be landing. So, uh, after they decided this, they heated the people who lived there nearby out, and I began planning exercise or operation.

[00:14:12] The training exercise that resulted in 10 times more deaths than on Utah beach during D-Day. Now this is a bit of an awkward transition, but John said, if I didn't put an ad break in here, he would eat me out of my house and send a tiger after me. So, uh, please enjoy some ads from the lovely sponsors that keep this podcast going.

[00:14:31] Why

[00:14:32] John: is it always me?

[00:14:33] Josh: It's a demon tiger. Get it right.

[00:14:39] And we are back, John, does that, does that add breaks, satisfy your insatiable need for money, you know?

[00:14:46] John: Yes. Showing my stripes here. All

[00:14:49] Josh: right. Those front row, WWE tickets don't pay for themselves. Josh. He calls it a business expense, but I know the truth. Anyway, [00:15:00] back to back to world war II. So the Americans are preparing for a series of exercises on slapped and beaches to prepare for what we now know is D-Day where the allies stormed the beaches of Normandy.

[00:15:09] Just a quick recap. The exercises near Devin began December, 1943 and progressed to become more and more realistic with operation tiger. Being the largest and was scheduled to begin between April 22nd and April 30th, 1940. Only a few months before D-Day. So as you can imagine, they start off with like some preliminary training and late December, early January, just laying out, getting them, getting them used to what they're going to experience when they do the full thing within operation tiger.

[00:15:42] It involved thousands of troops landing on and storming the beaches and to make the whole exercises realist. Eisenhower himself ordered the live fire to be used during the exercise, or it could possibly go possibly go wrong. Yeah. Yeah. You [00:16:00] know, smart man, maybe not as best decision, but, uh, the first half of the week, when it is plan, they, the troops remained on land, practicing disembarking from the boats and formation.

[00:16:11] It wasn't until the 26th of April that the troops boarded the ships and went out into the English channel to circle back and practice the invasion. The first assault was set to take place on April 22nd at 7:30 AM, which is way God damn, too early. That's late, actually 7:30 AM.

[00:16:29] John: Military time. That's the

[00:16:31] Josh: late John wakes up every morning at like four 30.

[00:16:35] I think John might've taken it all kinda.

[00:16:39] John: I was at the desk, my guy, they don't call it chair force for nothing,

[00:16:46] Josh: but that that's too early for me. Then I'll go with that. Does that sound? So the, the exercise was to include live ammunition and bombardments of the beach to take place 50 minutes before the ships arrived to acclimate [00:17:00] the troops to war, you know, get them used to.

[00:17:03] There being holes in the ground, uh, the smell of the war. Those sounds of it is, you know, like just getting them, getting them used to it. As I said, the PTSD before the PTSD. Jesus. Um, yeah, not great. Uh, however, oh, sorry. This was, do we known as H hour? However, the morning of Admiral Don P moon decided it was best to delay the assault an hour until 8 38.

[00:17:28] So the ships communicated to the bombardment squad and told them to delay an hour as well. It makes sense. Right? You want to, you don't want them bombarding two hours before you arrive. That's just not smell. The smell is not there. The sounds aren't there. It's not the same hype, uh,

[00:17:42] John: the same hype, like this shit, like a

[00:17:44] Josh: party or something.

[00:17:45] It's like a rave, I don't know. Yeah. Very different definitions of hype dude, getting hype for certain things. We have different definitions up here. This wouldn't have been a big deal. However, some of the landing crafts did not receive word the [00:18:00] time change due to a communication error. And so just as they were landing on the beaches, uh, you know, around seven 30, that is when the bombardments began.

[00:18:09] This mistake was costly and resulted in over 400 deaths by friendly fire. Jesus. Yeah, not right. So, you know, already first burst exercise. Well first big exercise, and then it's already going this way. So it, it only gets worse from here. They said, let's keep going. Let's

[00:18:30] Sean: keep practicing

[00:18:31] John: friendly fire thing.

[00:18:33] They got no speakers to like, simulate that shit, I guess

[00:18:36] Josh: not back in the day. I, I don't know how they didn't communicate to all the boats. Like, Hey, don't, don't go in because tide's not high enough. I actually don't know why he called it an hour later. Maybe he wanted to sleep in a little. Either way, bad call and resulted in yet approximately over 400 deaths.

[00:18:55] So not great. So they continued with the, [00:19:00] the exercise and they, they got through it during the day. And then later that night on the 27th, the men, once again, headed out into the English channel to make another assault in the morning to practice. However, waiting for them. There were around nine German II boats.

[00:19:16] This should have never happened because HMS Symitar and HMS Azalea were actually assigned to a score at the convoy and keep an eye out for any Germany boats, obviously like it would be dumb to just say. These people, these men out there on armed, like these, these ships are just landing ships, right?

[00:19:33] They're LTS. So they're not going to be much help in a firefight. However, it was clearly not the American's day because the HMS seminar had collided with its landing ship tank and was ordered to head back to Plymouth for repairs, replacing the Symitar was the HMS salad. However, once again, there was communication error between differing radio frequencies between the LSTs and the Naval headquarters, meaning that no one knew about the fucking ship [00:20:00] change.

[00:20:00] This left a gap, big enough for the German U-boats to sneak through. So it's just like, if something could go wrong, it goes wrong here. It is just not looking good and a kind of a dark omen on what actually ends up being a good thing. But we'll get to that. That's all. This is all within the span of two days.

[00:20:18] I think that's a lot of events in two days to go wrong because this is like the very early 28th, the Germany boat show up. So it's like just after midnight. So the friendly fire happened at seven 30 on the 27th. And now this is one 30 on the 28th. So not even 24 hours has passed. So the German is split into three groups and began firing torpedoes at the boats.

[00:20:44] Two of the LST sunk, and two more were severely damaged, confusion and chaos meant a slow response. But once they started firing back at the Germany boats, they began to retreat back into the English channel. So they did, you know, they managed to save some of the boats, uh, some of the men [00:21:00] in this terrible battle, however, approximately 700 men were killed and another 200 or so were in.

[00:21:06] Many of these deaths were attributed to soldiers, being improperly taught on how to wear life jackets resulting in many deaths by drowning. There was also many deaths due to hypothermia. Just people who did have their life jackets on were just kind of hanging out there because they didn't have a response to pick people up in the English channel.

[00:21:24] Now you may have noticed when I'm saying numbers, I say around or approximate, uh, because no one actually knows the official numbers. They've never been released by the Americans or by the UK government. And all of the survivors and witnesses were made to swear secrecy of the entire event. Now, obviously at the beginning it was to hide like D-Day, they were obviously training to do D day.

[00:21:47] So they wanted to hide that fact. But it also, it seems like it was also the height embarrassment of losing so many lives because. The saddest part about it was, uh, the men that died during this training exercise didn't [00:22:00] receive a proper Memorial until 1994. Geez. Yeah. So 50 years later, if my math is correct, which it's not always, but my God.

[00:22:12] Yeah, don't worry. It gets better. We win the war. That's okay. Um, this entire debacle almost resulted in the allies canceling the attacks on D-Day because 10 officers were reported. Now you may say what's the big deal. 10 officer out of a thousand doesn't seem like much. Could you guys even hazard to guess why these 10 officers mattered so much?

[00:22:33] They

[00:22:33] John: were probably like command of certain attack groups maybe. And they knew the strategy of like what points they're responsible for.

[00:22:44] Josh: You're gonna you're you're you're warm. And he gets from you. Uh, John was in the

[00:22:49] Sean: military. Uh, most experience I have

[00:22:51] Josh: is call of duty.

[00:22:54] John: I'll play, call a booty all the time, so,

[00:22:56] Josh: oh yeah.

[00:22:58] Sean: I mean, yeah, I don't know. I just [00:23:00] imagined they were an important part of the strategy

[00:23:02] Josh: and maybe they were,

[00:23:04] Sean: you know, had been part of previous attacks on beaches

[00:23:07] Josh: or something. I'm not. Yeah. So you guys are kind of dancing around it. You're assuming that all these soldiers know D-Day is going to happen.

[00:23:15] However, it was very top secret. Like they didn't know what they were training for. They were just training for, I mean, they probably could have assumed what it was, but these 10 officers were very few that knew the top secret plans of D-Day. Uh, so the English and the Americans were obviously very worried that the Germans had captured their men and knew about the.

[00:23:35] Uh, so the allies scour the English channel until they found an identified the dead 10 officers. So de de almost did not happen because they were so ill prepared with these exercises and all those desperate almost for nothing like it's, it's kinda crazy how, like close. It was like if one of those German boats just happened to S snag up one of those 10, or they had like, one of those 10 happened to not be found.[00:24:00]

[00:24:00] None of that would have happened or that it would have been very less likely to happen because they would have been worried that the Germans were just waiting there for an assault, like the assault to happen. Thankfully, however, the bodies were found and the thousands of deaths weren't for nothing. Uh, the allies learned and adapted from the mistakes that they made that day standard frequencies were finally implemented and troops.

[00:24:24] Yeah, exactly. It seems like that would have solved like 95% of them. The troops are also taught how to properly deploy, deploy life jackets and smaller wooden boats were deployed on D-Day to help save those who were knocked overboard or pushed to see preventing people from drowning or hypothermia that day.

[00:24:43] So to wrap it up, exercise tiger may have been a disaster, but they say mistakes make us stronger. And it definitely did for the allies. As on June 6th, 1944, the American Canadian and UK troops landed on the beaches. Normal. Learning and adapting from the [00:25:00] mistakes that cost thousands of soldiers lives.

[00:25:02] The allies pushed the Germans back from the beaches and all, but secured the victory over the Nazis, the, and D kind of uplifting kind of sad, but mostly sad.

[00:25:15] Sean: It does make me want to go back and watch, uh, man, what was that? What was that movie? That was about the battle of Normandy had so many good actors and it was Brad Pitt in

[00:25:23] John: that.

[00:25:24] What am I talking about, brothers? This is

[00:25:26] Sean: that bad. I think so. Oh, it's a

[00:25:29] Josh: mini series. Yeah.

[00:25:30] John: It's like a HBO right. Band of brothers, something like that.

[00:25:33] Josh: Yeah.

[00:25:34] Sean: Tom Hardy's in there. Fast

[00:25:35] Josh: bender. Yeah. I mean, there's a zillion movies made about it, but I don't think any have been made about them. That specific thing, the tire I've

[00:25:44] John: never heard of it, to be honest, that's kind of like the first time hearing about it.

[00:25:47] I

[00:25:47] Josh: feel

[00:25:47] Sean: like the Teigen where we would be much more disappointing than the, than the battle

[00:25:51] Josh: of Normandy,

[00:25:52] John: because there's like, it's not really a triumphant one. It was just kind of like a test run that, you know, went wrong. [00:26:00] Oh,

[00:26:01] Josh: shit.

[00:26:01] Sean: We didn't tell what's his name. Oh shit. 400. Oh my well, let's keep going.

[00:26:06] Like, it'd be a pretty sad dark movie.

[00:26:09] Josh: This was an hour and a half of broken telephone. You said what? Pillow?

[00:26:15] John: Push it to eight 30. I'm trying to take a nap.

[00:26:18] Josh: I need my bath in the morning and this is taking too

[00:26:21] John: long. Boy did that for nothing. What's his name? Bo

[00:26:25] Josh: Bodie. Boden. Boden. Yeah. Uh, Pope boy, no here.

[00:26:32] Yeah. I mean, there there's tons of like actual brave people, like soldiers in this just being led by. Yeah, I'm going to say in competence, I don't mean like that in a bad way, but because I mean, yeah,

[00:26:45] Sean: they didn't teach these guys how to wear life Fest. You think that'd be pretty important for storming a beach?

[00:26:50] Josh: I mean, a hundred percent seems like that would be maybe day one. They want to get out of stuff right. For four months of this and you couldn't be like, Hey, [00:27:00] here's how you wear a vest. It's like, yeah. Maybe that should have been what you started with in December.

[00:27:06] John: I guess just hearing it, just, you know, the perspective of like being an armed service at some point, I think that's a common theme, even though war of course, war is just a whole, totally different beast.

[00:27:16] Like the mentality you need to have to actually be there, like the physical toll it takes on your body. But even in like peace time, I think. Part of the problem of the military is this there's so much, most likely a lot of these people are like kids, you know, like kids out of high school. And a lot of them just doesn't have the, the wherewithal to kind of realize the situation that they're in.

[00:27:40] So a lot of them kind of follows blindly, but at the same time, it's the leader's responsibility to have them fully prepared. And I see, I just see a lot of, and this is not to downplay some of the great leaders, but there's a lot that. Have that ineptitude to, to lead, especially when lives are involved.

[00:27:59] Josh: No, a hundred [00:28:00] percent like, eh, and it's, I mean, there's good and bad sides to all the leaders like Eisenhower obviously was, was a great leader.

[00:28:07] He made this mistake where he was like, maybe we shouldn't use live rounds. That's like huge trust. Huge mistake. I don't know if that does help. I'm not a mental, like I'm not a psychologist. I'm not sure if actually going through battle helps you when you go through another battle, maybe it does like, there's that thing where you visualize the basket going in.

[00:28:26] I don't know same concept, but yeah, definitely made some mistakes. But in the end, like I said, those desks weren't for nothing. Towards the American and allied force learning from those mistakes and overcoming on D-Day and taking the beaches and then subsequently freeing France and then Germany, and then, you know, eventually kicking all the Nazi's ass and that's, that's what we like.

[00:28:50] Right. Yup, absolutely.

[00:28:51] John: Exactly. And then, you know, kind of just to add that too, and it's, it's just a sad reality that we kind of have to live with that when [00:29:00] war is involved, people are bound to be pawned. At a larger scope of things, you know, and it's just, they just become like this dispensable chest piece.

[00:29:12] And it's, it's sad because that's, someone's son, you know, that's someone's mother and we look back and it's just, yeah, it's heroic thinking about it, but I'm not trying to downplay like the situation that they were in, because it sounds like it is a vital exercise to have experience for them to eventually.

[00:29:32] Get to the main goal, but it would have been more satisfying for their duty to actually, if, if that was like the inevitable for them to like pass away, I think it would have been like more satisfying if they had done it, storming that beach and not losing their lives over, uh, a dumb mistake by a leader.

[00:29:53] Yeah. That's, that's, that's what eats me up because that could have been me. It could've been, it could've been anyone who decided to like, [00:30:00] you know, take an oath of enlistment.

[00:30:02] Sean: And even back then, I mean, it wasn't even a choice to enlist.

[00:30:07] Josh: I

[00:30:08] John: don't think so at that point, right. It's a dry, it was, was it a draft or on my trip in, I know during Vietnam it

[00:30:12] Sean: was a draft.

[00:30:13] I don't know.

[00:30:14] Josh: The world war. I don't know. I don't know if it was for American troops cause like, or the United Kingdom and like Canada and Australia. Cause we like, it was nearing the end of the war for us. You guys had just entered like couple of years prior. Um, so you guys were fresh. I don't know if you guys would have been drafting at that point or like yeah, mandatory draft.

[00:30:32] I didn't do that research. So I don't know. Presumably you guys had people ready and training the entire time of the war. It would be weird if you guys were just watching the world war and being. No, we don't have to prep yet. I'm like, Hey,

[00:30:46] John: you know, you know, America, we just got to stick our nose all the time.

[00:30:49] Josh: No, it's a little bit of a sad one, but I definitely think it's a piece of history that should not be forgotten. And I think the American and United Kingdom governments definitely [00:31:00] slipped up in not memorializing them earlier and not paying tribute to them, uh, earlier than they did or even celebrating them today.

[00:31:09] Like, it definitely should be a thing along with D. And that is my rant for today. So thank you everyone for listening to this very sad episode. Next time I will do a fun one. I don't, I don't want to be known as the guy who does sad episodes. I'll do like an internet one or something where she have all the missing people.

[00:31:29] Now

[00:31:30] Sean: you got

[00:31:30] Josh: all the military mistakes. I'll I'll do a fun one.

[00:31:37] Yeah, I'll make us read fantasy someday. There it is. There it

[00:31:42] John: way that the one that Sean likes.

[00:31:46] Josh: Cookie based baking bread this week. Ooh, Bowden.

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[00:32:27] Yeah, I will say this

[00:32:27] Sean: episode did make me want to go back and watch like a ton of war movies and it, even though it is sad, it, it gets me in the mood to kind of. Like I recently watched 1917 and

[00:32:38] Josh: that movie is crazy. I, I movie hits

[00:32:42] Sean: different. Yeah. I can't remember where they cut. It looked like a one shot.

[00:32:46] The whole movie. I was like, this is insane.

[00:32:49] Josh: Like logistically. Yeah. To do this type of shit,

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[00:33:19] John: did you, you guys just did reaction one about that do with a big Dick, right? Ellis. Dude.

[00:33:26] Josh: Oh, bro. Did y'all see the head shot or raised it from his memory?

[00:33:33] That's it

[00:33:33] Sean: like mentally? It was taxing. I was like that. Can't be real. That has to be prosthetic, bro. Yo, shout out Patrick from the Dumbfoundead he messaged me. He. Oh, yeah. I heard that shit was real. And he was like, and the star from that show, the main actress divorced her husband and is now dating the guy with the huge penis.

[00:33:51] I'm like, I still refuse. I refuse to think it was to his knee, bro. I

[00:33:56] Josh: think it's so funny. Patrick did all this research for them, I [00:34:00]

[00:34:00] John: think is your fucking research. My guy it's this.

[00:34:03] Josh: It's done more research on the, on that guy then it's a long day, dude. Damn. That's my forearm. Oh, legitimate. Have you seen Josh?

[00:34:14] No, I have not yet. Was it episode three, right episode three minute, 1950 seconds. Just blouse. God, I'll go watch it. And then, uh, next episode, we can, we can talk about it. I'll I'll give you my reaction. Maybe that'll be my topic. There you go. Just easy.

[00:34:42] I know this is your only job right now, but to let me know if you have any shout outs, any

[00:34:48] John: I'm telling you, you always try to hit me where it hurts, man. But yeah, this is my only show now. It's all good. But I actually, I just want to give a shout out to all our listeners, whether you're a dummy, whether you're a Fred, [00:35:00] whether you're a shoddy or now, hopefully we convert you to a Wiki maniac.

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[00:35:39] Josh: Wow.

[00:35:39] You did my outro better than I am. I've written down here.

[00:35:43] John: Oh, pretend I didn't say shit. Let, let Josh do this thing.

[00:35:48] Josh: That's it. I don't have, I, I now have to bless work today. So that is my main, my main concern. Yeah. Thank you everyone for listening again. And as John said, interaction, he, we love you guys.

[00:35:59] [00:36:00] And I can't wait to hear from you guys again. Yeah, we are running on Wiki, something, something outro. See you next. Well, you don't know yet. Another one. Yeah, that was it. I don't know. Another perfect segue.