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I have been around the block when it comes to podcasts - and this one is one of my favorites. Who doesn't find cults just absolutely fascinating? Josh is so entertaining and goes into so much depth in each episode. If he were to start a cult, I'd join.


A plethora of very cool information and knowledge to be gained from this podcast. Will definitely be tuning in regularly. 🙏🏻

Join us!!!

I’m a true believer in the quality content that Josh creates. Josh always delivers amazing stories covering all things culty, and I love the collaborations he has done with other hilarious and talented podcasters. Looking forward to future episodes! Amanda- Terrible People Doing Terrible Things

Interesting and Informative

I only recently started listening to this podcast and I love it! The host is well-spoken, relatable and funny. Even more, the content is well researched and unique. Their recent episode on The Freedomites was very interesting and I’d highly recommend giving them a listen! If you’re in the market fo…

I'd follow em

A true crime podcast with an awesome perspective! Def want to check out how they go into the wild world surrounding cults and the host really knows his stuff!

New Binge

Josh is fantastic— laid back, informed, insightful and has a great sense of humor. Very impressed, and who doesn’t love a good cult? Love & Rage, Ariel


Great host! Really have gotten hooked on it

The Best

This podcast is my go to for all things culty. Josh is a great host

Join the cult

A lot of other podcasts mix in cult episodes among other true crime, supernatural, etc topics. Let's Start A Cult is a refreshing focus on the fascinating world of cults. Josh's presentation is well researched and easy to follow. It's a fairly new show, but the cult subjects already discussed cover…

Great cult podcast!

The host is super knowledgeable, does his research! I'm looking forward to the culmination when he starts a cult of his own, lololol.

5 stars

I’ve listened to a lot of true crime and cult themed podcasts, so it’s rare that I can learn something new about a famous case like Jonestown. But this pod delivered that! Really enjoyed the show, and subscribed.

Quality Podcast

I love the combination of history and humor! This podcast started really strong and I’m looking forward to what comes next

Great show!

Stumbled upon this show and I’m so glad I did!! The host is amazing and the content is super interesting! Happy to subscribe!