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March 23, 2021

Part 2: Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party

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In today’s episode of Let’s Start A Cult we continuing our discussion of Adolf Hitler and The Nazi Party and how this terrible cult nearly destroyed the world.

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Sources for this episode include Spartacus Educational, the official website of the HISTORY channel,, the Encyclopedia of World Biography, Encyclopedia Britannica, BBC Teach, and the Holocaust Encyclopedia from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Research by: Kayla Deleon

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Josh + 2-1

[00:00:00] Josh:[00:00:00] Hi, Fred. My name is Josh Schell host of the let's start a Cult The only podcast who starts every episode with a meta intro because he's slowly running out of ways to introduce the podcast. Now with that terribly sad intro to the way. Let me introduce to you my guests, this episode, it's John and Patrick.

[00:00:15] Again, you know them, Dumb Found Dead incredibly funny, like a fifth of the guests I've had on this at this point. Welcome to the show guys.

[00:00:25] Patrick:[00:00:25] How's it going

[00:00:26]John:[00:00:26] Yeah. Good to talk to you again after a few minutes

[00:00:29] Josh:[00:00:29] It's been so long,

[00:00:31] John:[00:00:31] so long.

[00:00:33] Josh:[00:00:33] you're breaking the illusion. It's been two weeks for everyone else.

[00:00:36] John:[00:00:36] Oh my gosh.

[00:00:38]Josh:[00:00:38] now can, can, either of you sum up what we talked about last episode, uh, , this is a test and if you fail, you don't get into art school.

[00:00:48] John:[00:00:48] Well, that's a spoiler. That's one of the things we

[00:00:52] Patrick:[00:00:52] contributing factor to world war two.

[00:00:56] John:[00:00:56] And, and the other. Yeah. And the, and the other is, [00:01:00] uh, the terrible friend August and his sad ass Viola, which we just learned is a giant violin, not a sad little tiny, the

[00:01:08] Josh:[00:01:08] violin. Yeah. I've pictured the thing Mr. Crabs has in those memes where he's like,

[00:01:12] John:[00:01:12] That's where I was playing in my head. It's exactly what was playing in my head.

[00:01:18]What else? He had a really traumatic childhood. His, his father was kind of a. Not great in, in a

[00:01:25] Patrick:[00:01:25] father figure.

[00:01:27] John:[00:01:27] yeah, not a great father

[00:01:28] Patrick:[00:01:28] And then he

[00:01:29] lost his mom. The only person he loved lost the only person he loved.

[00:01:33] Josh:[00:01:33] damn bonus points for Patrick

[00:01:36] John:[00:01:36] I was going to say that and then he fucking stole my thunder, like

[00:01:40] Patrick:[00:01:40] Well,

[00:01:40] Josh:[00:01:40] too slow.

[00:01:42] Patrick:[00:01:42] no, you gotta be, you gotta be quicker than that.

[00:01:45] John:[00:01:45] bugging

[00:01:46] Josh:[00:01:46] Patrick's your August.

[00:01:50] John:[00:01:50] So when I end up taking over the world, You better say like, yeah,

[00:01:55] Patrick:[00:01:55] Yeah, I will, bro.

[00:01:56] Josh:[00:01:56] here. He starting in the Philippines.

[00:01:59] Patrick:[00:01:59] I'm

[00:01:59] John:[00:01:59] I

[00:02:00] [00:01:59] Patrick:[00:01:59] um, I'm going to message. I'm going to message Josh and be like, I knew it.

[00:02:05] Josh:[00:02:05] Our savior has gone rogue.

[00:02:10] I, you just sit in there with your, I'm trying to think of a worst version of. Like you're playing your ukulele, just your, your mandolin. Just, just saying, I told you, so,

[00:02:26] Patrick:[00:02:26] Uh,

[00:02:27]Josh:[00:02:27] so yeah, you guys, you guys hit on most of the, the main topics we talked about how Hitler became, you know, the leader of the Nazi party.

[00:02:34] Uh, we'll go back over that a little bit,   in part two, we will be diving deeper into the Nazi party, its history, how it functioned, what its ideologies were and eventually its downfall.

[00:02:46]Have you guys had enough of Hitler or are you interested in hearing about more.

[00:02:49]Patrick:[00:02:49] But wait, there's more.

[00:02:55] Josh:[00:02:55] thank God. Cause I don't have a backup plans.

[00:02:59][00:03:00] John:[00:02:59] We are a captive audience. So lay it on

[00:03:03] Josh:[00:03:03] I have locked you guys down here in this dungeon and we can't go anywhere.

[00:03:06] John:[00:03:06] We are trapped.

[00:03:09] Josh:[00:03:09] All right, we'll jump right into it then. When the Nazi party was founded in 1920, the world outside of Germany was increasingly moving towards socialism and communism. only three years before  the Imperial Romanov dynasty had Russia had been overthrown first by the provisional government and then by the Bolshevik party, which was led by Vladimir Lenin.

[00:03:30] These events would pave the way for the creation of the Soviet union in 1922. So a little bit of that bonus. You got a little bit of the Soviet union in this episode, uh, throughout the early 1920s, the ideologies of the Soviet union slowly spread across , the region, including its neighboring Mongolia.

[00:03:48]Communism was also becoming quite popular in the European continent with a number of uprisings in Germany. One of them managed to form the Bavarian Soviet Republic in [00:04:00] 1919. Although this was short-lived , thanks to the country's parliamentary forces. This was the climate that the Nazi party found itself in when it was created only a year after the Bavarian Soviet Republic was decimated it initially targeted the German working class, attempting to draw them away from communism and socialism towards antisemitic and anti Marxist ideologies.

[00:04:22]Uh, so it sounds like, you know, another party in the States not saying names, uh, but we will dive into that more in a bit. Um, most part they succeeded at the time the political climate in the country was extremely harsh and chaotic. Given the 1919 treaty of Versailles and the terms that it imposed on Germany which had been defeated in world war one. Unfortunately, the Jews were blamed for this loss with many Germans, perceiving them to be traitors like Hitler.

[00:04:55] They believed that , those of the Jewish race had been unpatriotic and unwilling to fight [00:05:00] during the war, which led to Germany's defeat. So we talked about this last time where it was the, for some reason, the Jews were, uh, Blamed for everything , which is wild, because like, why wouldn't they blame the people they were fighting?

[00:05:14] I don't understand why can't they be like those damn Britons, like, like the rest of us,  many of these Germans formed groups where they could meet and discuss a wide variety of topics with like-minded people. They were usually opposed to the newly founded Weimar Republic and the treaty of Versailles with their talks, denouncing democracy, human rights, capitalism, socialism, and communism.

[00:05:39]So they hate everything.

[00:05:42]John:[00:05:42] I mean, at least the universally hated everything.

[00:05:45] Josh:[00:05:45] That's true. Well, everything in Jews and they were like, we hate all these political things and Jews like that was. It's like they were, they were having a conversation and he's like, I hate, banana bread. And he's just like, Oh, and Jews. [00:06:00] It's like, you always say, it's always the end of the sentence.

[00:06:02] So you have to add that in just fucking crazy people.

[00:06:07] John:[00:06:07] Fucking August blame blame August.

[00:06:10] Josh:[00:06:10] it's August smart. Um, Born by a locksmith named Anton Drexler  and the right wing journalist, Carl Hare, the Nazi party started out as one of these fringe groups. Hitler had originally been sent by his commanding officer to spy on his members. However, he found himself enamored with their ideologies instead before long his fiery or, uh, uh, oratory skills had drawn audiences in.

[00:06:34] So I think this is a kind of a fascinating thing that he was actually sent into like, infiltrate the group. And then he was like, I like what these guys are saying,

[00:06:46] John:[00:06:46] It's like, yeah. It's like

[00:06:51] Josh:[00:06:51] but what was that? What was that you said about the Jews? You know what? You might be on to something.

[00:06:56] John:[00:06:56] taking notes. All right.

[00:06:58]Josh:[00:06:58] He's like, you know what, [00:07:00] captain? I, I don't know if they're that bad. Oh, God. Yeah. Yeah. So clearly he just, he just get roped into it and, uh, and yeah, so it's kind of wild. It's, it's interesting to imagine if he didn't get sent in there, what would have happened? would there be an, another Hitler, like so many things had to go wrong for Hitler to become a household name? You know what I mean? Like, it's crazy.

[00:07:26] Patrick:[00:07:26] lined up so perfectly.

[00:07:28] Josh:[00:07:28] So perfectly. according the historian and scholar, Louis L. Snyder quote Hitler was impressed with Drexler's ideas. He agreed wholeheartedly with the concept that there existed a diabolical Jewish capitalistic, a cynic conspiracy, which had to be counteracted.

[00:07:45] He believed that Drexler was right on the one hand, there were the innocent German workers, farmers, and soldiers. On the other hand, there was a common enemy. The capitalistic Jew from this germ came the essence of Hitler's Nazi-ism end [00:08:00] quote, with Hitler's passionate speeches, appealing to a wider base membership of the Nazi party skyrocketed and it turned into an actual movement.

[00:08:08] One that sought the unification of the entire German Volk or race. More than that though, . They believe that as the Aryan master race, they were doomed to be locked into an internal racial struggle against those of inferior races, including the Jews for them.

[00:08:23] This conflict would only end if the German Volk United in complete subservience. So. Now they're including other races. Uh, this is the first time I've noticed it. Um, yeah. Yeah. As, as a white person, um, I don't think white people are superior, uh, and it's quite obvious with what I see.

[00:08:48]John:[00:08:48] I mean, a lot of your obsession with mayonnaise is a lot to be desired. So, I mean, I would say that's a weakness.

[00:08:55] Josh:[00:08:55] Love mayonnaise. I love Maine, [00:09:00] but my girlfriend hates it,

[00:09:02] John:[00:09:02] I see a

[00:09:03] Josh:[00:09:03] which, which is wild. Yeah. I, I have never met a white person who doesn't like mayonnaise except for my girlfriend. It's crazy. Like, I don't understand.  so you think mayonnaise is our downfall, then that's our weakness.

[00:09:18] John:[00:09:18] that in spicy food kinda.

[00:09:22] Josh:[00:09:22] That is true. That's true. What we call spicy? Like, like I'm at Boston pizza and there, they got the spicy meter. It's like, it's like a one and I'm like, that's too spicy. And that's Boston pizza. It's it's white spicy.

[00:09:39] John:[00:09:39] This avocados spicy.

[00:09:43] Josh:[00:09:43] Ooh. Is there some pepper in there? Just salt, please.

[00:09:51] Patrick:[00:09:51] Oh,

[00:09:54] John:[00:09:54] I like to live life dangerously.

[00:10:00] [00:09:59] Josh:[00:09:59] get the minivan.

[00:10:03] Patrick:[00:10:03] Uh,

[00:10:05] Josh:[00:10:05] shit.

[00:10:08] John:[00:10:08] it's always fun and making fun of white people. I'm just saying.

[00:10:11] Josh:[00:10:11] That's true. That's true. I think it's the only race you can make fun of and everyone's like, yeah, that's okay.

[00:10:18] John:[00:10:18] because all because the rest of us have a designated month celebrating us. So you guys don't

[00:10:26] Josh:[00:10:26] Can I, I think there would be questions if we started celebrating ourselves. It's like how it's like November is men's month or there's men's day in November, but we brand the whole month is like, Oh, it's for prostate. Like, like we have to brand it that way. We can't brand it as men because

[00:10:47] it wouldn't go over well.

[00:10:48] Yeah. Which is fair, which is

[00:10:52] Patrick:[00:10:52] we say prostate, you know,

[00:10:54] John:[00:10:54] Let this let this month of November be rebranded as a reminder to [00:11:00] get your ass check.

[00:11:05] Patrick:[00:11:05] fingers up your ass.

[00:11:07] John:[00:11:07] No, no, no. Lube just mayonnaise.

[00:11:11] Josh:[00:11:11] Don't forget to tip your doctor.

[00:11:18] John:[00:11:18] What are we talking about again?

[00:11:20] Josh:[00:11:20] I don't know. I'm curious though. When, when is, when is your month? I actually don't know when Asian, like as an Asian month or what, what do we go by?

[00:11:29] John:[00:11:29] It's like Asian, Pacific Islander, like

[00:11:32] Patrick:[00:11:32] I think we're all bottled up together.

[00:11:35] John:[00:11:35] Yeah. We're bottled up

[00:11:37] Josh:[00:11:37] How do you feel about that?

[00:11:39] Patrick:[00:11:39] it's.

[00:11:40] John:[00:11:40] I don't know. We got fucked by Spain so many times that it doesn't even matter anymore.

[00:11:45] Patrick:[00:11:45] Yeah. Are we even Asian anymore?

[00:11:47] John:[00:11:47] Yeah. Or even

[00:11:48] Patrick:[00:11:48] I think we're more Spanish.

[00:11:50] Josh:[00:11:50] Oh God. That's way worse.

[00:11:53] John:[00:11:53] Yeah, we don't

[00:11:54] Patrick:[00:11:54] like, uh, how will the Philippines is like, you know, we're, we're not really [00:12:00] Asian, Asian, like when people think of Asian, it's like, you know, like

[00:12:04] John:[00:12:04] Koreans, Japanese,

[00:12:05] Patrick:[00:12:05] you know,

[00:12:05] Josh:[00:12:05] Right.

[00:12:06] Patrick:[00:12:06] and then like Filipinos were just like, I don't know the Mexico of Asia, I guess

[00:12:13] John:[00:12:13] Yeah, Mexican. Exactly. It's like. It's like you're Brown enough to like be Asian, but I mean like India it's like Indians, like the people forget the Indians are Asians and it's like,

[00:12:28] Josh:[00:12:28] Yeah, that's true.

[00:12:29] John:[00:12:29] just, we just get lumped in

[00:12:31] Josh:[00:12:31] Yeah. What, what the F what is it that, can we talk about that? And we all just forget that Indians are just ate, like they're Asian,

[00:12:39] John:[00:12:39] they're straight up Asians,

[00:12:40] Josh:[00:12:40] but they get their own class. They're

[00:12:42] Patrick:[00:12:42] they get Indians. Yeah. Not

[00:12:45] John:[00:12:45] Exactly. And it's like, we're like, we're like the same thing in the Philippines. It's just like, not in the larger scale, like India,

[00:12:52] Josh:[00:12:52] Yeah, well,

[00:12:53] I mean, you know, like a billion and a half people, but

[00:12:56] John:[00:12:56] I mean, that's true, but there's just like a, yeah. They're [00:13:00] Filipinos.

[00:13:01] that?

[00:13:03] Patrick:[00:13:03] What con is that a part of.

[00:13:06] John:[00:13:06] I mean, if they're not in crazy rich Asian, I mean, that's,

[00:13:09]they don't exist.

[00:13:12] Josh:[00:13:12] Oh, man. That got off topic wildly fast.

[00:13:16]John:[00:13:16] We are great at that.

[00:13:18] Patrick:[00:13:18] But that's all we got is banter. So.

[00:13:24] Josh:[00:13:24] Uh, Actually, I was going to go off on a rant anyway, so this is perfect. Um, so, so much like cults, , the Nazis demanded an all or nothing mentality , where they led people to believe that they are their saviors and the superior beings. And that only by joining them, will you be victorious?

[00:13:41]usually it's more of a religious reason for people to join like a group or cult or something like that. Uh, but this, the, in this case, it, the motivation is race and nationalism, which I find kind of interesting. So not a Jesus figure, but a, uh, I don't know, a country face. Like [00:14:00] it's just your country, your patent joining for right.

[00:14:02]John:[00:14:02] Patriotic wood

[00:14:04] Josh:[00:14:04] quotation marks. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nationalism is a better term for it. I think.

[00:14:10] John:[00:14:10] Trump, all of my God. I'm sorry. I need to drink more water.

[00:14:15] Josh:[00:14:15] the, the comparisons get even crazier and we will go into that. Like just, um,

[00:14:22]among the men whom Hitler spurred to joining the Nazi party,  was one of his commanding officers, captain Ernst, rom. He proved to be instrumental  in growing the organization.

[00:14:32] As he had access to money that they had used to publish their propaganda and advertise their meetings. In February, 1920, the Nazi party published its first program in which they outline the refusal to accept the treaty of Versailles. They also called for the reunification of the German people, which had been split up when Germany was forced to secede some of its territories following the first world war. So, so all of that's like, alright, you know what fair? They were pretty harsh on you guys.

[00:14:59]Patrick:[00:14:59] Take it, take [00:15:00] it back.

[00:15:01] Josh:[00:15:01] yeah,

[00:15:01] Patrick:[00:15:01] What's yours.

[00:15:03] Josh:[00:15:03] Yeah. Yeah. Like , the, the allied powers where they, the allied powers at the time, you know, America, the British empire, they were pretty harsh on Germany, which definitely created all this resentment.

[00:15:15] And there is something to be said, like, for us to take the blame on it is like, Fair. , I say us, like, I wasn't obviously there. Um, but like us as nations  should have understand that, that this would push them to radicalize further, but, they were just, you know, pissed off and wanted recompense for, for a war that killed millions, which is fair as well.

[00:15:38] But, you know, to cut two sides of the coin, two sides to that coin, you know what I mean? so all that was fine, but the program also highlighted the organization's beliefs regarding nationalism in particular, they advocated for equal rights to be granted only to German citizens or those who could that they had German blood, the Jews, foreigners, and other [00:16:00] undesirable races were to lose their citizenship rights while immigration of non Germans was to be halted. Now John and Patrick, I have no idea where you stand politically. I'm a Canadian, so correct me if I'm wrong, but, uh, does not . Every single thing I've said so far reminds you of mega, right? And the Q Anon assholes.

[00:16:21] Patrick:[00:16:21] so crazy. How,

[00:16:23]how much airlined.

[00:16:24]John:[00:16:24] It's crazy. Yeah. And it's because we're undesirable. So it's like, Oh my God.

[00:16:30] Josh:[00:16:30] Me too. Yeah. I'm not, I'm not American. So, um, but yeah, like, Jewish conspiracies, nationalism, undesirable races targeting the working class, concentration camps, like it's all there. And like, you can. Say that these people are responsible for their beliefs, but if you're being forced fed beliefs from every single one, angle, friends, families like social media, [00:17:00] advertising TV, like if that's constantly all you're getting, then of course you're going to start believing in this shit.

[00:17:05] , you know what I mean? Like, and it's that, that kind of thing where it's like, you can't blame them the victims of the call, but you can absolutely blame the fucking people. That's , start it and run it.

[00:17:16] John:[00:17:16] Oh, exactly. And it's like a whole ass indoctrination process, you know, like people were just forced fed this idea and it's their way or way, you

[00:17:25] Josh:[00:17:25] Yeah,

[00:17:26] John:[00:17:26] and they wouldn't button and they wouldn't budge at all. And then like two, like almost the end of their term. They incited shit because the, the decision, you know, they couldn't handle the, the decision that was made by the people, which is insane.

[00:17:37] Josh:[00:17:37] Yeah. And I, I. Can guarantee you that well, and actually, I think we talk about a bit more , in a few paragraphs for now that the Nazis do the exact same thing, where they incite pilots and stuff like that to other political parties, to get their way basically. And I mean, luckily America had a lot of safeguards, which [00:18:00] thank God.

[00:18:00] There were so many because. it wasn't far off from me being like, I don't know, maybe we should build the wall. Like it was getting to that point.

[00:18:13] Patrick:[00:18:13] But yeah, that is so crazy that how, how much it aligns to what the Nazi party really believe in the whole immigration thing and pulling up people, citizenship, I don't know about, I don't know if that's possible here to just pull

[00:18:30] people's citizenship.

[00:18:31]Josh:[00:18:31] I don't know, because , in some regards that's kinda what they're doing to the Mexican citizen. I w I w and I don't mean to get too political, even though this is a political party, but in some ways that's kind of what they're doing to Mexican people who are living here. Right. They're putting them in concentration camps or, or that want to come over and declare, uh, what is it?

[00:18:49]Patrick:[00:18:49] asylum, asylum. Yeah.

[00:18:53] Josh:[00:18:53] Yeah. So they're not allowing people to declare asylum and just keeping them in these camps, which. I mean, I don't care how [00:19:00] you feel about immigrants, but that's , it's a concentration camp basically without the killing, you know what I mean?

[00:19:05] Patrick:[00:19:05] inhumane.

[00:19:06] John:[00:19:06] Yeah. And actually, , we talked about this in a previous episode that we had, and we were saying like, because Patrick and I were, you know, his parents were immigrants, I'm an immigrant. And you know, we, we understand that there is a law that pertaining to like immigration and all that. And I understand , okay, there are rules to getting to here.

[00:19:25] But sometimes you just got to remove yeah. The right way. It took us like many years. it took my parents, like at least a decade to get to the U S but when people are like trying to seek asylum, when they're trying to seek help because of the, , inhumane ways that they're being treated in their parts of the country, it's insane that you remove the human aspect of it and say like, Hey.

[00:19:48] Fuck your feelings. Fuck your people. Fuck your situation. You can't come here and like, we can, we can't help you.

[00:19:54] as hell.

[00:19:55] Patrick:[00:19:55] That. And when they separate kids, kids from their parents, that's [00:20:00] I think that's the the worst part of it to separate your families. It's just insane. It's insane. To me, it's just a

[00:20:05] John:[00:20:05] it. It is. And then, and there's also this huge notion of like, when kids end up going to the system, , Oh, okay. Their, their lives become, you know, really messed up. And then they ended up, they might end up in a life of crime and then they just keep blaming the people that are immigrants are coming here.

[00:20:24] It's like, Oh, your people are your type of people do these types of things. Like you guys are bad people. But now it's like you put them in situations where they can succeed at all.

[00:20:35] Josh:[00:20:35] Exactly. And it's a huge drain on resources and tax money. Like you're better off either accepting these families in and like working through the process of getting them to be citizens or I, and I don't understand why, but  , if you're deporting, like deporting the parents. I would assume that they would prefer the kid.

[00:20:55] Like they should have the option to be like, I want the kids to come with me. You know what I mean? Cause, [00:21:00] cause I can give a hundred percent, those kids are better off being with the parents.

[00:21:04]John:[00:21:04] And because , since the parents made the decision for those kids, that they should ultimately be responsible for their children to go back. If the importation was. The main course of action. Like I just think it's just ridiculous. . You're putting them in situations where they would end up with somebody else in a, in a foreign country.

[00:21:22] That's, that's setting up a child for not successful life.

[00:21:28]Josh:[00:21:28] You're and then you have citizens that hate the government 

[00:21:31] Patrick:[00:21:31] Oh, my God. I can't even, yeah, , because I lived in the Philippines, you know, and I know like, or John's lived in the Philippines too. It's, it's corrupt. It's, you know, if you don't got money out there, you're probably not gonna make it. You know, you're not going to make it, very far. And when people say, Oh, Fuck the government, blah, blah, blah.

[00:21:49] It's like, bro, they're giving you unemployment. They're giving you a, they're giving you so much things you want in the Philippines, bro. You got nothing. You gotta, you gotta go collect [00:22:00] bottles and sell that to eat for the next meal, you know? And I don't

[00:22:04] Josh:[00:22:04] Yeah. And I find, I find America now we're getting way off, but that's okay. , I, I enjoy this topic, but I find America's kind of in this weird middle ground of you guys have some government support systems, but for the most part, it's, it's very capitalistic and you're, on your own, you know what I mean?

[00:22:22] Like. , Canada, isn't perfect. And I always preface that because we do have our issues. Don't get me wrong, but we have a lot of social things that allow us to keep our heads above water, like the, stimulus checks and stuff like that. And there's tons of European countries that we're paying  people, salaries, and full for the whole pandemic and those things just make.

[00:22:43]Life a lot easier. And you don't have to worry about being homeless or you don't have to worry about going to school sometime. , you know what I mean? It's those things that   where in some cases the U S is definitely way better than, yeah. Like you said, the Philippines in some regards, but.

[00:22:59]Compared to   [00:23:00] some other countries who have accepted socialism, which I'm not pushing socialism entirely, but socialist services. You know what I mean?   They're a little bit behind in some words.

[00:23:09] John:[00:23:09] Oh, absolutely. And you know, we should on the U S a lot, but I loved it enough for me to sign my life away at some point. Of my life, but you're right. there, there are some things in the U S that that's lacking.  There's a lot of people who, and this is going off of complete tent and tendon, but

[00:23:28] Josh:[00:23:28] We're already way off,

[00:23:29] John:[00:23:29] I know who Sue, who supports pro-life and, and, it's like, Oh, the abortion shouldn't be allowed, yada, yada.

[00:23:37] But then after the child is, you know, the child has been birthed. Then what they stopped caring about that life afterwards? Like there's no. Yeah. Like I don't want to pay for taxes.

[00:23:48] Patrick:[00:23:48] exactly. Oh, you're getting welfare. It'd be the same people like, Oh, well you're, you're getting welfare, blah, blah, blah.

[00:23:55] John:[00:23:55] exactly. They should on the same people that they're saying that, Hey, [00:24:00] you should have the, yeah. Have that baby. And the next thing you know, it's like, Oh, you had a baby. You you're stupid. Like you shouldn't have done that.

[00:24:06] Patrick:[00:24:06] you can't even afford a blah, blah, blah. And it's just,

[00:24:08] Josh:[00:24:08] That is true.

[00:24:09] John:[00:24:09] just the hop. It's just the hypocrisy of it. And then. Uh, w along with that, like they, they start, the previous party like stopped, try to fund planned Parenthood, which people just saw like, Oh, this place is just nothing but straight up abortion clinic, but they don't know that it's a preventative medicine place or a place where they could be like, Oh yeah, I'm about to smash next weekend.

[00:24:30] Let me grab like 10 bags real quick, just to make sure that no fucker will pay for my baby's down in line type of shit. But.

[00:24:37] Josh:[00:24:37] Yeah.

[00:24:37] John:[00:24:37] don't, they don't, they don't see it like that. They just see it as a waste of resource, but they don't know that it's helping other people prevent these types of things.

[00:24:48] You know, it's, it's just insane.

[00:24:50]Josh:[00:24:50] Yeah. , it's a more, they're more preventative and like abortion has been legal here for. God, I don't even know. Well, most of my life, if not all of it, I can't remember. But,   it's not like [00:25:00] it's a thing where we just go Oh, I'm going to go get an abortion. Like you said, like, it's not like a thing.

[00:25:04] Right. It's more of a, an educational tool as well as, a preventative measure. Like, it's the last case, like last ditch effort, if you have, no other option or. you're not ready. And you accidentally, you know, everyone makes mistakes, everyone fucks up, whatever.

[00:25:21]before that, seed becomes more than it is, it's it's and I mean, this is a tricky topic, but, uh, it shouldn't be, it should just be you do whatever you want with your body. I mean, this is three men talking about abortion, which is hilarious. But it's honestly do whatever the fuck you want. It's not my body. You know?

[00:25:42]John:[00:25:42] Overall. I think that the message that should be out there is that the resource should be available for those who needs that support. Or who needs that help. And the fact that that was being taken away, that's the fucked up part about it.

[00:25:54]Josh:[00:25:54] I agree. A hundred percent. Um, so to cap that all off happy women's month

[00:25:58] John:[00:25:58] Happy, happy [00:26:00] woman's month. Hey, there's a lot of strong Queens out there. Yeah. I, my, my wife is as strong as hell. She's like, she's the backbone of this household. I don't give a fuck. I have no pride saying that shit. I'm, I'm, I'm a sugar baby.

[00:26:11] Patrick:[00:26:11] Hey, bud, did you get your PS five yet?

[00:26:13] John:[00:26:13] Shut up. I ain't got my PSP. I haven't been, I haven't been acting.

[00:26:17] I know I haven't been acting up. Right.

[00:26:20] Patrick:[00:26:20] He hasn't been acting right. That's what you get,

[00:26:22] John:[00:26:22] Hey, shout out to all the strong women out there, man. Y'all are killing it. And I mean, not like Hitler killing him, but like it's, you guys are killing it. So proud of it. So proud of everything that y'all doing.

[00:26:32]Josh:[00:26:32] I did not think we'd get to a women's writer in abortions in this Hitler episode,

[00:26:38] John:[00:26:38] You never

[00:26:39] Patrick:[00:26:39] Uh,

[00:26:41] Josh:[00:26:41] absolutely never. Now go check out the Dumbfoundead. Um, Let's get back on track a little bit. Cause I guarantee we'll get off track again with everything that's coming up. so we were talking about the program that they released, which, you know, promoted nationalism and anti-Jewish rhetoric and stuff like that.

[00:26:59]This controversial [00:27:00] program became known as the 25 points, as harsh as its terms where it appealed to the German working class, since it included measures that promoted the redistribution of income and war profits, as well as profit sharing in the country's primary industries, it also called for the nationalism of trusts, drastic increases in retirement, pensions and free education.

[00:27:20] All of which were initiatives that practically every German on the street supported. Now, these. Are socialists beliefs, that people like to point to, however I'd like to, you know, counterpoint, it's nationalists socialism. So none of the other races or Jews are getting these benefits.

[00:27:38] It's just, it's just the white Germans. So.

[00:27:42] John:[00:27:42] You're invited to the party, but you can't show up.

[00:27:45]Josh:[00:27:45] Yeah, well, yeah, it's like, you're, you're, it's like the neighbor kids having a party and you just have to watch from your

[00:27:51] John:[00:27:51] Yeah. It's just like, yeah, but you can't pick the song or you can't dance either. Okay. So just, just be

[00:27:59] Josh:[00:27:59] See the [00:28:00] caterer and then they give you a plate. So socialism, but not quite socialism, if you know what I mean? within the room. Thanks. The Nazi party sought to reflect , the terms that they had made in the program. Aside from excluding membership to only those who could prove that they were pure area and descent, they also forbade, party members to marry or engage in sexual relations with Jews.

[00:28:23]In April of 1920, the organization, which at the time was still going by the original name of the German workers party, officially redefined itself as the nationalist socialist German workers party, which we talked about last, got that rebrand going.

[00:28:37] Patrick:[00:28:37] a plus for marketing.

[00:28:41] Josh:[00:28:42] , Other important changes also took place with Hitler becoming chairman and the journalist Carl horror error becoming the honorary role of Reich chairman. The following few months, which is, I think that I just thought of the office where it was , Dwight being

[00:28:56] John:[00:28:56] Oh, the assistant to the assistant general manager.

[00:28:59] Josh:[00:28:59] to the regional [00:29:00] manager assistant to the regional manager.

[00:29:04] So he was the assistant to the regional manager of Hitler.  the following few months saw the Nazi party increasingly becoming popular with Hitler speeches, attracting droves of people and members, he was able to arouse intense emotions of anger and hate in these crowds, which often led to horrifying acts of violence because of this Hitler was sentenced to, so, so this is like Trump inciting the riots on.

[00:29:28] Patrick:[00:29:28] I was just thinking that right now, I was like, wow.

[00:29:31] John:[00:29:31] And the crazy part is this fucker didn't get in trouble for it, which is at least handler did shit.

[00:29:38] Josh:[00:29:38] Yeah. Yeah. Cause I was just about to say Hillary was sentenced to three months in prison, in September of 1921. Uh, so it is kinda crazy that we've kind of, in some ways you guys are handling, uh, worse than, than Sharon

[00:29:54] John:[00:29:54] That's that says a lot about us.

[00:29:57]Josh:[00:29:57] Yeah. Yeah. Well, [00:30:00] not all of you, I guess w w half path,  , so he was, he was sentenced after found, participating in a mob that assaulted a rival politician upon his release, he and his former , commanding officer, captain rom formed a private army that they called the name I refused to announce or the storm section, which also became known as the essay.

[00:30:20] So the essay which we talked about last episode,

[00:30:24] Patrick:[00:30:24] Storm. So they're

[00:30:24] like stormtroopers. And Hitler was Darth Vader, bro. It's

[00:30:35] John:[00:30:35] Yeah.

[00:30:36] Josh:[00:30:36] Oh,

[00:30:37] John:[00:30:37] God.

[00:30:39] Josh:[00:30:39] isn't it like? Who is Palpatine?

[00:30:44] Patrick:[00:30:44] is, uh,

[00:30:46] John:[00:30:46] by Lennon.

[00:30:51] Patrick:[00:30:51] yeah, it's in dark Vader in German. Dark father or something like that.

[00:30:56]Josh:[00:30:56] Maybe

[00:30:57] Patrick:[00:30:57] I think Darth Vader trad translates a [00:31:00] dark father.

[00:31:01] John:[00:31:01] this a number? Is this, is this number three for his theory?

[00:31:04]Josh:[00:31:04] Yeah. What else does it say about.

[00:31:08]yeah, I, I thought star Wars was loosely based off of if not like it was political parties. Yeah. I wasn't sure if it was America or if it was world war one or world war II. I couldn't, I couldn't remember, but, um, that could be my first conspiracy of the night.

[00:31:29]John:[00:31:29] Well, I got Deb's being jar, jar, Binks.

[00:31:31]Josh:[00:31:31] Perfect. You will be largely hated by the community.  So the essay was made up of former members of the German, right wing, , fright corpse, And was led by a former air force pilot named Herman Goring. And it was a responsible for protecting Hitler from attacks, by his enemies and tractors. They were also instructed to wreak havoc upon meetings and rallies held by [00:32:00] the Nazi party's political opponents, which often ended up in violence.

[00:32:03]But the right wing government of Bavaria turned a blind eye to the violence that , the Nazi party displayed, mainly because their hostilities were always directed towards socialists and communists. So again, disproving the Pru, the theory that they were socialists, the national government in Berlin was a different story though.

[00:32:22] As news of the Nazi party  spread outside of Bavaria, they enacted a decree called the law for protection of the Republic. But this didn't phase Hitler who proceeded to organize rally, which more than 40,000 people attended during this meeting, he called for the overthrow of the national government, as well as the execution of its leader.

[00:32:41]Uh, yeah.

[00:32:44] Patrick:[00:32:44] This is getting good.

[00:32:45] Josh:[00:32:45] yeah. Uh, and when they, the Capitol building, they were trying to kill people weren't they? Or was that just theorized?

[00:32:52] John:[00:32:52] mean, they were trying to fuck him. Mike Pence. I heard

[00:32:55]Patrick:[00:32:55] I could have sworn,

[00:32:58]Josh:[00:32:58] talking about cannibalism of your own [00:33:00] party. Like

[00:33:01] Patrick:[00:33:01] I could have sworn AOC came out and said that, some was have, once someone wanted her dead,

[00:33:08] Josh:[00:33:08] Yeah. But she's a socialist Patrick. He can't believe her,

[00:33:12] Patrick:[00:33:12] right.

[00:33:12]Oh, it was Ted.

[00:33:16] John:[00:33:16] Yeah. Chugging that

[00:33:18] Josh:[00:33:18] Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I want to talk about Cancun, Ted cause you're from Texas, but I feel we'll go off on a whole other tangent, so, all right. We'll leave it at that. That's a perfect summary. despite these alarming statements, his audience was in raptured. One of them  was a very wealthy and well-educated man from Berlin named Kurt Ludwick who recalled that quote.

[00:33:45] I studied this slight pale man, his Brown hair parted on one side and falling again and again, over his sweating brow threatening and beseeching with small pleading hands and flaming steely blue eyes.  he had that look of a frantic. presently.

[00:33:59] My [00:34:00] critical faulty was swept away. He was holding the masses and me with them under the, a hypnotic spell by the sheer force of his conviction and quote, hands

[00:34:11] Patrick:[00:34:11] was just to

[00:34:12] John:[00:34:12] This is small hands and hair parted on one side.

[00:34:17]Josh:[00:34:17] steel blue

[00:34:18] Patrick:[00:34:18] still blue eyes. You know, this guy was in love.

[00:34:22] Josh:[00:34:22] Woo. We are hitting all kinds of. we're in the matrix now I think,

[00:34:28]Patrick:[00:34:28] He said, small hands. Why do you have to,

[00:34:32] John:[00:34:32] Damn. I gotta be solid. Observant shit

[00:34:35] Josh:[00:34:35] It's perfect. It's perfect.

[00:34:38] Patrick:[00:34:38] trying to paint the picture that Hitler didn't seem so, uh, Yeah, he seemed dainty. You know, he had small hands and

[00:34:46] John:[00:34:46] This new, this new sound like he's starting his, uh, Hitler's only fans account. Shit. Thanks. Check on my boy. Hitler's dainty. Smile, hands, subscribe. Now only fans. [00:35:00]

[00:35:00]  Josh:[00:35:02] everything.

[00:35:04] Patrick:[00:35:04] $9. Uh,

[00:35:12] John:[00:35:12] 10 points for Griffin door

[00:35:16] Josh:[00:35:16] nine points. It's right there.

[00:35:19] John:[00:35:19] down. Damn it. Dwayne Wade gave that a nine.

[00:35:26] Josh:[00:35:26] Oh shit. This might be the longest episode yet,  The day after Hitler's speech Ludwig joined the Nazi party where he became one of the most important fundraisers. The ranks of the Nazis were filled with individuals like Bundick London, whatever his name is, London whose anger and frustration at the circumstance. Shit. It was right there.

[00:35:58] Patrick:[00:35:58] Oh, we're so [00:36:00] mature.

[00:36:01]Josh:[00:36:01] All right. with individuals like London, whose anger and frustration at the circumstance that Germany was in, were intensified by Hitler's , passionate or a tour.  they saw in him a man dedicated to improving their lives, even if it meant making drastic and controversial subjects. as the ideologies of the Nazi party spread, its leaders began to take  and even more aggressive approach towards their goals of German reunification and the dominance of the area and master race.

[00:36:29]For instance, they attempted to overthrow the Weimer Republic through a military coup that involved their followers, marching to Berlin, to seize power from the national government. On November 8th, 1923, Hitler marched into a beer hall in Munich where the state commissioner of Bavaria Gustaf Vaughn Kara  was giving a speech at the time there Hitler declared a national revolution that would abolish the Weimer Republic, which was despised and widely regarded as weak.

[00:36:56] However, this attempt at a coup d'etat was quickly extinguished by the [00:37:00] armed police who proceeded to arrest and charge Hitler with treason. for this, he was sentenced to five years, a five-year jail term, although he ultimately only served nine months. It was during this time that he wrote his autobiographical memoir, mine comp, which contained a chilling outline of his political ideas and belief system, as well as more Nazi propaganda.

[00:37:20]According to historians, Hitler's lenient sentence was due to how he managed to turn his trial into political rally. Rather than being seen as a violent, dangerous instigator. He instead came off as a radical orator who was merely looking out for Germany's best interest.

[00:37:35]This combined with the public's deep dislike for the Weimer Republic meant Hitler was perceived as a martyr being picked on by the national government. which was an image that won him along with the national party, many supporters. So it actually kind of backfired. Um, the COO may have not. Have worked physically, but, in the minds of many, Germans, it worked in swaying them over to the Nazi party.

[00:37:58] Yeah, yeah, [00:38:00] with Hitler's imprisonment and the publication of mind cough membership in the Nazi party skyrocketed among those who joined, it was a man from Munich named Heinrich, Himmler, whom history would one day refer to as the evil genius of the third Reich. so I think everyone knows Heimer, Kimbler, uh, not a nice guy.

[00:38:19]his fanatical Nash realism and the deep loading that he had towards the Jews and press the rest of the party members. Even the chairman himself, because of this Heiler was chosen to lead Hitler's personal bodyguard, the Schulte, the shuts shut staff Lynn, or the SS. Um, I have a hard time pronouncing German names, which is hard for me to admit, because my last name is German.

[00:38:45] It's spelled the same as a lot of these, which is scary. I felt like it, like, they all have the sch, which is my last name Schell you know, S C H E L L. Yeah. It's

[00:38:56]and I'm just having a tough time. ,  but that's fine. cause they were shit. So

[00:39:00] [00:39:00] Patrick:[00:39:00] Yeah, exactly.

[00:39:02]Josh:[00:39:02] but Hitler there's ideologies and is passionate  oratory. Weren't the only things that drew people into the Nazi party at the time economy  of Germany was in shambles with many forced to live in impoverished conditions. This was exacerbated by the wall street crash in October, 1929, which saw the United States recalling loans made by European countries in a bid to sustain its own people.

[00:39:25]Unfortunately, Germany had been relying on investments from the United States to stabilize its economy. When this flow of money dried up, it caused millions of Germans to lose their jobs overnight, which through the majority of the population further into poverty. Fucking wall street

[00:39:42]I dunno. Like I'm, I'm thinking of all the, like I, and I know that we're on this,  comparing what's happening now to what's happening. Like it's crazy how  , wall street now is like a

[00:39:52] Patrick:[00:39:52] Is it's crazy that, I mean, it's not necessarily crashing, but

[00:39:57]Josh:[00:39:57] No,

[00:39:58] it it's going to, [00:40:00] it's going to like, yeah, the stocks will go down. I'm sorry to tell you guys,

[00:40:07]we're going to the Earth's core.

[00:40:11] Patrick:[00:40:11] And we got first class tickets

[00:40:13] John:[00:40:13] Yes. Maybe we'll see

[00:40:15] Hitler.

[00:40:17]Josh:[00:40:17] He's down there somewhere. keeping a space for all of us.

[00:40:21] Patrick:[00:40:21] he's taken over. Like the

[00:40:23] Josh:[00:40:23] Yeah.

[00:40:24]Patrick:[00:40:24] the devil works under him.

[00:40:26] John:[00:40:26] he's like, he's like down the devil is probably like, Oh shit, you're making a lot of good points.

[00:40:35] Josh:[00:40:35] He's yeah, it is crazy like the connections to, to nowadays and , it is true. History does repeat itself in it. It's kind of scary if we don't. Stop things where it could go, like, this is kind of a red herring. There's a lot of red herrings right now.

[00:40:49]John:[00:40:49] And this in his case is an orange herring. So it's like

[00:40:55]Josh:[00:40:55] feeling humiliated and, uh, humiliated, defeated, frustrated, and hungry, many turned [00:41:00] against the Jews whose businesses had survived. The onslaught of the great depression,  the perception of outsiders flourishing in Germany while Germans himself tried not to starve to death field their anger even more and spurred them to join the ranks of the Nazi party.

[00:41:13]this girl showing support for the Nazis was proven by the fact , that in 1930, they managed to score a whopping 107 seats, parliament, a far cry from the 14 same positions that they had secured during the election. Only six years prior with that Hitler, the leader of the second largest political party in Germany.

[00:41:32] This position gave him untold levels of power, which he used to argue against, parliamentary democracy. Instead he pushed for a single-minded government with a strong mandate, claiming that this would be the only way to escape the economic depression and bring the country back to its former glory.

[00:41:50] Make Germany

[00:41:51] Patrick:[00:41:51] Great. All we shit.

[00:41:55]Josh:[00:41:55] Where's the merge. Should I start? make Germany. No, no, no,

[00:42:00] [00:41:59] Patrick:[00:41:59] red, red, and everything.

[00:42:03] Josh:[00:42:03] Oh, he's shit. Yup. I'm glad you guys are here to make this lighthearted, This argument proved to be successful. Although what really consolidated Hitler's power was the discipline. They have aggression and violence that the Nazis displayed in the years that followed their dominance in the 1930 elections. For instance, a horde of them assaulted 57 members of the German common yeah.

[00:42:30] Party in Reichstag. Well, carried out frequent attacks against socialists and communists. Their actions were fully supported by Hitler, who by then was no longer attempting to hide his extremist views. This spurred several of the country's most well-known industrialists to fear and uprising.

[00:42:48] One that was echoed by the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, fearing for their safety and their wealth. They petitioned the aging president of Germany. Paul Von Hindenburg to give  into the Nazi party's [00:43:00] demands. Despite his reluctance Von Hindenburg, granted their request. And in 1933, Hitler became the chancellor of Germany.

[00:43:09]Now do you know, do you know which  products and services won't demand Hitler become the chancellor of Germany?

[00:43:17]The ones that support this podcast,

[00:43:22]Patrick:[00:43:22] Oh, Oh my God. The plugs are amazing.

[00:43:30] Josh:[00:43:30] Uh, they only get better and better or worse and worse, depending on how you look at it. I guess if you're the sponsor's worse and worse.

[00:43:39] John:[00:43:39] Well, the sponsors probably be like, Josh, this is your last this to make this right.

[00:43:47] Patrick:[00:43:47] a better plug please?

[00:43:49] Josh:[00:43:49] They're like, we know you were advocating us to not make Hitler the chancellor, but you know, it's still association, ,

[00:43:57] John:[00:43:57] Yeah, I did. I just hear you say, make [00:44:00] Germany great again. That's like,

[00:44:03] Josh:[00:44:03] and, and, talk about merge, uh, like, uh, Yeah. Like, we're glad you didn't put us in the abortion declared this discussion, but, uh, yeah. Yeah. Someday we'll get

[00:44:16] John:[00:44:16] You gotta, you gotta make an August March though.

[00:44:19] Now it'd be dope.

[00:44:22] Patrick:[00:44:22] Now you got bread bread in August.

[00:44:25] Josh:[00:44:25] I love that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I don't have Fred Mertz yet, so.

[00:44:30]John:[00:44:30] Yeah, I have friend hanging out with August playing the Viola.

[00:44:36] Josh:[00:44:36] Maybe we'll make a shirt called the Viola, the shittiest instruments.

[00:44:41]John:[00:44:41] Or is that like the, the instrument that started the war?

[00:44:47] Josh:[00:44:47] Instrument that started world war two. And it's just a picture of a vial.

[00:44:50] John:[00:44:50] Yeah.

[00:44:51] Patrick:[00:44:51] then everyone's going to be like, what the,

[00:44:55]Josh:[00:44:55] Oh, damn. The posters make itself.

[00:44:57] John:[00:44:57] Thanks. Hey, just starting to [00:45:00] sound like propaganda that we're throwing out though. Like maybe, maybe posters is not the best idea.

[00:45:06]Josh:[00:45:06] Yeah. Maybe we'll start with like a nice tote bag and work our way to posters.

[00:45:11] John:[00:45:11] Good. White people love tote, tote

[00:45:13] Josh:[00:45:13] They do. They throw everything in that shit.  The Nazis launched a wave of uncheck terror across the European continent, aided by the loyal essay and SS who are used to subjugate, political opponents and, anyone deemed to be an enemy of the party.

[00:45:30]The SS in particular played a critical role during the second world war.  As a self-proclaimed political soldier of the Nazi party, their responsibilities were vast encompassing, nearly all of the state operations, ice,

[00:45:46] for instance, the align SS or the general assets took care of the police force, both foreign and domestic espionage and racial matters it was this division that oversaw the Gestapo,  [00:46:00] Germany's feared secret police who were tasked with Browning up Jews. And those that the Nazis deemed to be undesirable or inferior to them. On the other hand, the wafer and SS or armed SS were the elite combat troops who fought alongside , the regular German armed forces they were also known as fighters fanatical to the Nazi party.

[00:46:20]It's Holy shit, where it is long Germany is a ridiculous language. Total, total cope, Fiverr band. That's all one word. I don't know how to pronounce it. Uh,

[00:46:35] John:[00:46:35] Just say

[00:46:36] Josh:[00:46:36] So

[00:46:38]it's tote bag subdivision or deaths trans battalion,

[00:46:43]Patrick:[00:46:43] Jesus.

[00:46:44] Josh:[00:46:44] Uh, We're also the ones administering Germany's massive network of concentration camps, where they carried out a systematic genocide of the Jewish race. this particular group included men like Rudolph Haas, the longest serving commandment of the [00:47:00] Auschwitz concentration and extermination camps.

[00:47:03]During the Nuremberg trial in 1946, Haas sent shockwaves throughout the entire quarter. when he wrote the affidavit, that quote, I commanded Auschwitz until, the 1st of December, 1943. And it estimated that at least 2,000,005, 500,000 victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning.

[00:47:23]And at least another half a million succumb to starvation and disease, making a total of 3 million dead. This figure represents about 70% or 80% of all persons sent to Auschwitz as prisoners, the remaining having and selected and used for slave labor in the concentration camp industry.

[00:47:41] And, When the prosecution accused him of murdering more than 3 million people, Haas,  chillingly replied that he had only been responsible for two and a half million as the rest had died from either disease or starvation, which is crazy that he was like only two and a half million. [00:48:00] Like,

[00:48:00] John:[00:48:00] One

[00:48:02] Josh:[00:48:02] understand.

[00:48:05]Ah, absolutely. Yeah. Like we have whole documentaries on people who kill one person. This guy killed two and a half million people. it's unfathomable. Like it just, it's just a, it's a crazy number to improper your head around. like , less people have died from Corona so far.  I mean, that's not demeaning Corona, but uh, like, you know what I'm trying to say.

[00:48:27] It's a terrible, I'm doing terribly right now. I'm I'm floundering. Uh, I will just continue on, in the end he was hanged on April 16th. Hey, my birthday, 1947 on a makeshift Gallow constructed next to the crematorium of the former Auschwitz concentration camp.

[00:48:44] Patrick:[00:48:44] They should, uh, they should have put him in one of them and one of the gas chamber, a gas chamber or, or burn him, you know what I mean?

[00:48:50] Josh:[00:48:50] I, yeah, I, yeah, I definitely deserves way worse than what he got. He, he deserves they should've just put them in the middle of Germany. Germany invited all [00:49:00] the Jewish people who had been, uh, torn from their homes, placed them in the, uh, placed them in the middle of them and just let them beat him to death.

[00:49:06] Patrick:[00:49:06] dog.

[00:49:10] Josh:[00:49:10] Yeah. Yeah. And then like, it'd be like, yeah, I don't know. Like, obviously that's, that's a stretch, but,

[00:49:17] John:[00:49:17] Hmm. Nice. Should it shouldn't be like he took out the human aspect of what he did to those millions of people. Like he deserves nothing less

[00:49:26]yes. Jesus

[00:49:27]Patrick:[00:49:27] Yeah,

[00:49:29]Josh:[00:49:29] I guess the counter to that would be. If we stoop to that level, then we're no better than them, but at the same time, it's like, fuck them. You know what I mean? he's a Nazi

[00:49:44] John:[00:49:44] Wait a second, you can kind of justify that, like, you know, for, for like those mass murderers, you give them like the electric chair or, or the lethal injection. But I mean, at the most, I mean, I'm not downplaying any of that either. I mean, at the most w what's like the most prolific [00:50:00] serial killer pike killed like 130 people at the most, some like that.

[00:50:05] I don't. I

[00:50:05] Josh:[00:50:05] I'm trying to think of it. That would be,

[00:50:07] John:[00:50:07] I'm just, I don't know who it is, but, uh, hundreds is nothing compared to like millions.

[00:50:14]Josh:[00:50:14] Right. Yeah. And I mean, as, as you said before, one is like more like does too many, is it? And. It's crazy that I got to that level up, but the contempt and hatred and brainwashing took it to that place, which is again, and I keep hammering this point home something that we should be checked in social media and, and current political landscapes.

[00:50:38]otherwise. It might end up happening and it is happening in China right now, which I have completely glossed over and, and yeah, like those are actual concentration camps it's like, how the fuck do we get back around to this? , like 80 years later. Yeah. and why is nothing happening about that?

[00:50:54] That, that's another topic though. Maybe we'll go. We'll do, we'll do a whole dictatorship of China someday. And I'll [00:51:00] never be allowed in China, the SS and the Nazi party in general were filled with men like Haas, who was so entrenched in their ideologies, that the death of millions of innocent people were callously written off  as necessary to achieve their goals and their quest for a unification of Germany and a dominant area and race.

[00:51:18] They wiped off generations of families and almost exterminated an entire race. And unfortunately, the defeat of the axis powers in world war two, suicide of Adolf Hitler and the Nuremberg trials. Weren't enough to completely eradicate the ideas that the Nazis espoused, these remain alive and well today causing horrifying acts of aggression, discrimination, violence, and even terrorism across the world.

[00:51:42]That is the end of Hitler and the Nazi party we made it. I would like to, and I, and I ended off with a warning is still a prominent idea.  We may have killed off the members, but the ideologies still remain. and I mean, especially [00:52:00] now with, the abuse of Asian people around the world is, is ridiculous.

[00:52:04] , I don't understand when we will come to a point where we're like, we stopped seeing each other as races and we just see each other as equals, like, what, how is that hard? How is that hard to

[00:52:13] John:[00:52:13] absolutely.

[00:52:14] Patrick:[00:52:14] so crazy that you bring that up because I have a seven year old nephew and he's going to school. And I asked him when the new school year started, I asked him, I was like, Oh, who's your friend, blah, blah, blah. Right. And he says like, whatever, some name and like, Oh, what is he?

[00:52:27] You know, like, I'm like, Oh, what is

[00:52:29] Josh:[00:52:29] Yeah,

[00:52:29] Patrick:[00:52:29] And he's like, Oh, he's humid. And I was like, Yeah, you're right. You know, but then I asked him, I'm like, what are you? And he's like, Oh, I'm Filipino. he doesn't. He says, there's again, other races, you know? And yeah, he doesn't, he's just, he's human. And I was like, yeah, you're right.

[00:52:47]Which is like, you know, like a kid can understand that. Why can't grown adults

[00:52:51]get to that point.

[00:52:53]Josh:[00:52:53] it shows that it's like a societal thing. That's, uh, Yeah, exactly. The hatred that's taught. because you can [00:53:00] put kids in a room with any other kid and they will play with that kid. They might fight and argue, but they're not going to fight and argue over. Well, yeah, exactly. Over a toy.

[00:53:08] They're not going to fight and argue over race or, or, uh, who's superior to the other. They're just going to be like, Hey, I was playing with like, we should take that from kids. I think nothing else. They're idiots otherwise, but.

[00:53:21] Patrick:[00:53:21] The little brats.

[00:53:23] John:[00:53:23] And, but I think there's, there's also more into it than, than, you know, like just acknowledging the fact that people are kind of idiotic when it comes to seeing color or seeing all that. But I think in a, in a, in a larger scheme of things, and I think, uh, social economic, reform is necessary as well because you're right.

[00:53:42] Some people might look down on others because of their, their status in life. Like, Hey, you're, middle-class meanwhile, I'm a broker for like wall street. Like I'm gonna look down on you because you're not in my same level. So therefore I don't have that respect for you. And I think that's when literally shit rolls [00:54:00] down Hill.

[00:54:01] And I think there's just so much more things factoring. why we can't just respect each other as people for who we are.

[00:54:11]Josh:[00:54:11] Yeah. and I like how you bring up class, because I think if we were to look at how we're divided, like. Brace should be one of the last things on the list. It should, it should be bottom of the list. Like we're just people, but, the middle-class and the lower like lower class should definitely be in unison and agree, like, fuck the, the, um, like the upper-class like, yeah.

[00:54:36] Yeah, cause they're the ones fucking you over and manipulating you into hating the other racist, like, like they're the ones, lobbying for, for systemic, systems that keep, other races down 

[00:54:46] John:[00:54:46] Yeah. And I don't, I don't, I don't understand. Then this is what bothers me everyday. I'm a huge food guy. Okay. And, and as when it comes to like diversity and other cultures and all that. It would be [00:55:00] so boring to just have one quote, unquote master raised. When you can go fly down to Cancun, like Mr. Ted, over here, grab you some frickin amazing like tacos or beer.

[00:55:12] You to India and have some, you know, Curry go to Japan, have some SA arena, like all the sashimi and all that stuff. It's like, I just hope people understand that, like the more diverse we are, the more things that we can appreciate culturally and culture wise, that people can kind of borrow from each other and like expand on or, borrow from.

[00:55:34] And just, we just got to learn how to exactly.

[00:55:41]you know, like the most, uh, like fusion of things a better world.

[00:55:47] Josh:[00:55:47] Yeah. Asian fusion restaurants. Isn't that a

[00:55:49] John:[00:55:49] there. Yeah. Like I, like, I love tacos with Korean barbecue. Like Holy shit. Like combining those two worlds together.

[00:55:56] Like, Oh my God. I'm

[00:55:57] Josh:[00:55:57] Genius. Yeah. I was gonna [00:56:00] say something, but I forget what my point was. Dammit. The white guy lost the point. Dammit. Um,

[00:56:06]Patrick:[00:56:06] Now, no one's going to listen. Fuck.

[00:56:09] Josh:[00:56:09] damn it. No, but it's what your seven year old nephew said, we're human and we're all humans. We're all in it together.

[00:56:18]if we fail  , we all fail together. And if we succeed  , we all succeed together is what we should start looking at it as 

[00:56:26] well, uh, are we good? We wrapped up the, uh, the political part of the conversation. Uh it's

[00:56:35] Patrick:[00:56:35] This episode just went crazy.

[00:56:36]Josh:[00:56:36] Yeah. I mean, I think it's great. I think these conversations need to be had, and I, I, love promoting these ideas, which is, I mean, and that's why I love having you guys on you guys have brilliant ideas and, I, come through on your podcast.

[00:56:50] Patrick:[00:56:50] people, we had, we had one serious episode. the whole capital riots and whatever. we like, you know, turned it on and we [00:57:00] were super serious for like 15 minutes. And then I'm sure the dummies were like, Whoa. Okay.

[00:57:06]John:[00:57:06] Like these guys can

[00:57:07] Patrick:[00:57:07] change podcasts? Did I click next

[00:57:11] on accident?

[00:57:14]Josh:[00:57:14] no, I, I think you guys have great points of view and I'm glad I could get you on this episode to, promote some of those. And, I hope even if you are right, when you're listening to this going like. Those dumps socialists or whatever. You're trying to think of us. I hope you take at least a few of the ideas and at least consider some of the ideas we promoted.

[00:57:31] I know this is at the very end and you probably haven't got to this part, but, if you have good for you and I appreciate you at least hearing out the other side not even the other side, I think just the human side, like nothing to do with policy. It just, just care about other humans and.

[00:57:46]hopefully they'll care about you  Now to wrap that up, before we end the show today, I have a new segment that I don't know if you guys are aware of, because it started up in the new year, you listened. after each cult, we do [00:58:00] something called cult critique.

[00:58:01]basically my guests and I take a look at the cult. We just discussed and give it a rating out of five stars as if you were rating something on Yelp. And we give comments on why we gave that rating. so it's completely arbitrary.

[00:58:16]You can give it a five star and say shit called a never go again. Or you can give it a zero, a zero star and be like, shit called never going there again. Whatever happens to be your way of rating it. That's why the comments there. I felt the star system was just too arbitrary, so are you guys ready to rate the Nazi party as well as Hitler, I guess, thrown it in there.

[00:58:36]Patrick:[00:58:36] Now you can go first. I just want to see which way you're going.

[00:58:41]John:[00:58:41] I just got to give it a one-star this cold, huge it's no good copycat of what I did. I don't know. I don't know how to copy his voice. Obviously I did a better, my people have [00:59:00] done it more bigly. Dan healer one star.

[00:59:04] Josh:[00:59:04] The biggest,

[00:59:05] Patrick:[00:59:05] it.

[00:59:05]John:[00:59:05] Oh yeah. And I didn't go to jail for it.

[00:59:08] Patrick:[00:59:09] shit. I should have

[00:59:10] Josh:[00:59:10] Uh, yeah. Damn. How are you going to follow that one up?

[00:59:14]Do a Hillary Clinton impression.

[00:59:18] Patrick:[00:59:18] I did not sleep.

[00:59:21] John:[00:59:21] That's bill fool

[00:59:25]what is it? It's a women's history month and you've big bill.

[00:59:28]Josh:[00:59:28] Cancel Patrick canceled patch. It's it's me and John on the Dumbfoundead podcast.

[00:59:34] Patrick:[00:59:34] Hey, you can't get canceled if you're not big enough.

[00:59:39] John:[00:59:39] We got like three fans.

[00:59:45] Patrick:[00:59:45] Well, obviously I'm going to give it a zero. This, I mean this and I call it wise. Colt wise is a five. Like if you were into Colts and you are thinking of joining the call, this was like, yo, it was a movement. But, you know what I mean? But for [01:00:00] me, it's going to be a zero. It's just one of the worst Colts quote, an uncle, I guess, political party.

[01:00:05] But yeah,

[01:00:11] Josh:[01:00:11] Yeah. And , I don't know where I go from here because I've kind of peaked with the Nazi party, but, uh, but yeah, definitely hard to give the Nazis a five star review review. I can understand that. So, well I appreciate you guys coming on, , again, I mean, uh, Definitely, you know, those two weeks hard, two weeks we put in before coming back on this podcast.

[01:00:35] Um, I know we did this last time, but, uh, tell the Fred's where they can listen to the Dumbfoundead podcast. Uh, Patrick, you do you do it this time.

[01:00:44] Patrick:[01:00:44] Oh, shit. Put me on the spot. Uh, you guys can find, uh, you guys can find us on any platform. Just search up the Dumbfoundead a website. Oh, okay. [01:01:00] Now. Okay. So you want me to do it and then you tell

[01:01:02] John:[01:01:02] no, no, you're killing it. Let me do it. I got it. All right. You can find us wherever you find your blog. I know you just listened to us speak smartly, but we're really dumb at the Dumbfoundead pod. So you can find us wherever you find your podcasts. We're on Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, all that. Or you can check out our website we're on the Dumbfoundead and also subscribe on our YouTube channel.

[01:01:24] Hit that subscribe button. Well, we're not going to be on a video, but hit it right there.

[01:01:28] Patrick:[01:01:28] Oh, you've been

[01:01:29] Josh:[01:01:29] Here's somewhere

[01:01:31] John:[01:01:31] right.

[01:01:36]Patrick:[01:01:36] Oh, man. Well, yeah, once again, Joshua. Thanks for having me

[01:01:43] Josh:[01:01:43] Yeah. but yeah, , definitely go give the dumbfound Daedalus and . They're amazing to listen to. , as I said out of how many episodes you guys have now. Yeah.

[01:01:52]John:[01:01:52] 33.

[01:01:55]Josh:[01:01:55] Yeah, around 30, 30, 40, maybe when the, by the time this [01:02:00] comes out, you guys just fly through episodes. It's crazy. and in those 40 episodes, as they said, they have 15 minutes of clarity. So, so just search for that nugget of clarity somewhere,

[01:02:12] Patrick:[01:02:12] Well. Exactly. I was going to say, well, you got to listen. All of them to find the clarity

[01:02:19] Josh:[01:02:19] hunt. thank you Fred for listening and thank you, John and Patrick for coming on today, we will see you guys next time.


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