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October 20, 2020

Ho-No-Hana Sanpogyo

Ho-No-Hana Sanpogyo targeted desperate people – often housewives with sick husbands and children who were searching for any possible cure to save their loved ones This podcast uses the following third-party services for analy...

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October 06, 2020

Jim Jones And The People's Temple

All of them were members of the Peoples Temple, an organization that began as an unconventional church in Indianapolis that sought to serve society’s marginalized before eventually morphing into a cult, thanks to the drug-add...

Cults True Crime Religious Society & Culture Comedy

September 23, 2020

Let's Start A Cult: Trailer

Welcome to the Let's Start A Cult podcast! We will explore the dark and interesting world of cults and how they get started! Join me, Josh Schell, and my guests every other week as we take on a new cult of interest!Episodes s...

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